Sunday, September 23, 2012

Caribbean Cruise Day 3 Cozumel

Let me apologize in advance for all of the pics being out of order!! And the size!!! To see the whole picture you have to click on it. I will try to get that fixed at some point!!

I hate that I haven't kept up my blog like I used to. I am still recovering from back surgery and it is so hard to sit at the computer for a long time. Anyways, day 3 of our cruise found us in Cozumel, Mexico. LOVED IT!! There was such an air of adventure that day. We only had one get to the Punta Morena Beach Club on the opposite side of the island. Turns out a taxi would cost about $100. So we rented a beater car. Seriously, I thought we might not make it in that car but we did! Such an awesome day!! 

After renting the car we drove to the El Cedral ruins. They were tiny and a bit disappointing. Picked up a really cool wrestling mask for Anthony. Around the corner was a tequila tour that was probably the highlight of our day. Our guide was awesome and the tequila was so smooth you didn't even need a chaser. Loved it! Bought a bottle...for $80!! It was that good!

We finally made it to the beach club and we were not disappointed! White sandy beach and beautiful water! I didn't realize it at the time but in one of the underwater pics we took we caught a fish on camera! One of my fav pics is the one under the straw umbrella where we dried off. Beautiful!!