Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cross shirt for Emma

I ran out of bags to sew yesterday so I decided to make Emma a shirt. I have been wanting to make her one of these for awhile now. I love crosses. And I thought this would be cute for her to wear today since she has Awana's tonight.

I put the crosses lower than I should have. Lesson learned.

And I had to make her a matching hair clip! At first she had it clipped to a head band but then decided to just wear the clip itself in her hair.

We will be taking fall pictures in the next couple of weeks and I think I will make her and Sara fall colored cross shirts to wear in the pics. That should be cute.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Movie NIght 9/25

We started our Family Movie Night late on Friday. And from now on, we are only doing 2 movies. We had 4 movies and it resulted in me and Emma staying up until 1 am to finish watching them all!

First movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas

Then The Little Vampire. I love this movie, it's so cute!

Casper's new movie...Casper's Scare School.

Then Ernest Scared Stupid. But I don't like the name so I told the kids it was called Ernest Scared Silly. Emma loves this kind of slapstick humor so of course she loved the movie.

My mom was here for the first movie.

I am looking forward to the next couple of Fridays, I have some cute movie picked out. They are oldies but goodies!

PTA Fashion Show

I apologize in advance for the horrible picture quality. Last Thursday was the PTA Fashion Show at the girl's school. They were so excited to go. All of the staff dressed up as characters from different Disney movies.

Here is Emma in the front row with her friends.

Emma's teacher last year is the cute little pregnant mouse in teh center. Sara's teacher is Cinderella.

Hannah Montana! lol

Cruella DeVil! This is actually the school nurse.

All of the "cast" at the end!

We had a great time! We really love their school. It is so small and everyone knows everyone. I will miss it when we move next summer!

Anthony's game 9/23

Anthony is number 35. They won 16-6. Anthony made 5-6 great tackles. I am so proud of him!

Skylar and Nathanial's Birthday Party

I've been busy this week so I haven't had time to post anything. Here are the delayed posted pictures of Skylar and Nathanial's birthday party. They are not brother and sister (or even the same age), they are cousins and so they had a joint party.

The birthday girl Skylar

Ethan with Anthony. Ethan calls Anthony his brother, it is so cute!



Tons of children!! We have such a big group of friends, and these aren't even close to all of them!!

Big Daniel and Little Daniel.


Scott's son Nathanial, the birthday boy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boo Bag on sale!! Today only!

I'm taking orders for these cute Halloween Trick or Treat Boo Bags! Today you can get them 15% off!!

The regular price is $14 and today only you can get one for $11.90!! Shipping is only $3 for one bag and $1 more each additional bag.

If you want to order, please let me know!

Spread the word!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my weekend project

This is the project I had for this weekend and I didn't get it finished until today. It has our names and our wedding year and it matches the black and red of my living room.

playing in the rain

It was raining last night and the girls really wanted to play in I let them! It was cold rain too. Then they came inside and took a nice hot bath and went to bed. The End.

Product Review

I was at Tom Thumb the other day and saw some shampoo on sale and thought I would give it a try. Sounds good, it's organic and has carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin juice in it. Huh?

Seriously, it's called Yes To Carrots and I love it! It smells so good and leaves your hair sooooo soft. Almost too soft, if that's possible. And super healthy shiny looking. It's early, my descriptions are kind of kindergarten right now....need caffeine.

But if you get the chance, give it a try. They also have Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Cucumbers. I personally didn't like the way the cucumber one smelled, but the tomato shampoo smells just like the carrot one.

And HERE is the Yes To Carrots website for you to check out! Apparently, they don't just have shampoo! I want to try their lip balm but I haven't been able to find it so far. I love me some lip balm! lol

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Crown for Skylar

Little cutie Skylar had her 4th birthday party today so I made her a crown to wear.

Happy Birthday Skylar!!

Mercy Me & Rangers Game

Yesterday Anthony went with his youth group from church to see Mercy Me at the Rangers game. I let him borrow my camera and this is the only picture he took. He wasted the rest of the battery taking video of him and his friends. Lesson learned on my part....don't let the boy borrow your camera.

He loved Mercy Me, who wouldn't?! He said that there was a lot of people there and that he really enjoyed their music.

He had a good time though and the Rangers won. Anthony really likes the kids in his youth group so hopefully they will have more cool stuff like this coming up for the kids.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek at what I'm working on this weekend. It's going to be awesome if it turns out the way I want.

It will though, I have confidence. lol

More projects coming in the next few weeks!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Movie Night 9/18

Friday night triple feature!

We started our movie night right away after the kids got home from school. First we watched Cats and Dogs. I really like this movie, it's pretty darn cute!

Not my choice of movie, but tonight is a night for the kids. So next we watched Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins.

And lastly, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I actually rented this on Tuesday and watched it, but decided to keep it until tonight so I could see it again. Back in May Aaron and Anthony got to go to an early screening of the movie the day before it came out. That post is here.

And nachos for dinner! Tortilla chips covered in pico de gallo, black beans, colby jack and sharp cheeses with some guacamole and sour cream on the side! Oh my gosh, they were sooooo good!!

The girls crashed out before Wolverine, so it was just me and Anthony. It was a pretty fun night overall!