Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cards Between Friends

I want to tell y'all about my friend Maricela. I actually met her when I bought the cutest little notebook from her etsy shop, Cards Between Friends. Since then she has made me tons of notebooks, cards and tins.

She is fantastic! So talented and creative and I thank my lucky stars I found her. And ever since we met, we have just gotten to know each other better and now I consider her my friend.

Here is a tin she made for my mom. I LOVE it!!! The colors rock!

Here is my tin. I plan on using it for my mommy cards (yep I'm a dork, I have mommy cards). Is it not beautiful?! She even put a little mirror in them! So girly, I love it!!

Here is the tin she made for Sara. It is so tiny! The tins for my mom and me are much larger.

Here is Emma's tin. It is little like Sara's. These are precious!

This is my favorite card that Maricela has made for me. The bird is shimmery, you just can't tell in the pic. I actually had her make me a notebook with this cover, and one like it for my mom and for my sis-in-law Nicole. lol

Here are some of the little notebooks she made for me. Sara loves to write in little books.

This is my address book. She even put little tabs in it for me.

Book for Emma, since she loves cowboy/cowgirl stuff.

This card is named Spencer because it's for my friends, Jeff and Heather, and they are naming their baby Spencer.

And this card is the absolute best because it is named after me. Yep ME!! This is the Cortni Baby Card that Maricela made me for Heather's baby shower. It's not every day that you have a card named after you!!

I love to have stuff made for me and these are by far my favorite "made for me" things right now. The cards I get from her I send to my grandma and she displays them on top of her tv for everyone to see. How cool is that?!

So go and check out her store or her blog right won't regret it! (maybe your pocketbook will, ha! Her stuff's like a Pringle, you can't have just one!)

mini clipboard

Since I'm trying to be all crafty lately I thought I would join the ranks of people getting crafty with clipboards. It's a mini clipboard and I think it's adorable. But I'm biased. hehe

Have I mentioned yet that I'm opening a new etsy store? It will not have hair bows in it.....but other fun stuff geared towards kids. So I will let you know when I stock it and you can go check it out. (and buy stuff from me!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buy Earth Tales-Plant a Tree!!

Barefoot Books just announced that for every copy of Earth Tales that they sell in April, they are joining with Eco-Libris and planting a tree! Since I am a Barefoot Books stallholder, I thought that I would pass this along to you!

Barefoot Books is a great little company with BEAUTIFUL books! Just click on the link in this post or on the little square banner on the right side of my blog and go check them out!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sidewalk painting

After the girls got home from school yesterday I decided to make them some homemade sidewalk paint. It came out great too!! I was pretty happy about that.

They went outside in the crazy wind to paint the driveway. The paint got a lot darker once it dried, but I only took wet pics so it doesn't look very dark.

Heather's Baby Shower

On Sunday me and Sara went to a baby shower for Heather. Heather and Jeff are having a little boy that they are naming Spencer, after Will Spencer (our friend who passed away in August).

It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of people there! Here are just a few pictures that I took.

Here is the diaper cake I made for her. I forgot to take a pic until I had put it inside the car, but at least I remembered to take one at all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bow's and Flip Flops

Aaron bought Sara a new outfit this weekend and so I made her a matching bow and flip flops. The shirt he bought her is pink with Cinderella on it, so I made the bow to match.

Somewhere in my enormous stash of art supplies I have a Cinderella bottle cap but I could not, for the life of me, find it. So I improvised and glued on a scrapbooking sticker.

I didn't want the flip flops to only match the Cinderella shirt so I made them all pink. I love flip flops and adding bows to them for her makes it 10 times better.

Kid's Castle

On Saturday Aaron and I took Anthony and Sara to this cool wooden park in Southlake. It's not called Kid's Castle, but there is a park just like it in Highland Village called that, so that is what I have been calling the Southlake park.

Anyways, it was a little warm and the kids ran around until they were totally exhausted. It took a little bit to get Sara to leave though...she said that she was going to live there! lol

It was really windy too and I was kicking myself for not bringing the kid's kites. I bought them a few weeks ago and was saving them for Easter but I would have bought them out if I had known it was perfect kite flying weather! Oh well, next time.