Saturday, June 28, 2008

Emma's Toad

Emma found a toad yesterday over at her friend Lindsey's house. Emma loves things like that. Frogs, fireflies, ladybug's, grasshopper's. She is not my child, she is Aaron's.

It's a Fowler's Toad. And toad's have warts, so we set him free. Thank goodness, I hate thing's that jump at me.


Last night Sara asked me if she could paint because she was bored. I was sorting all of their toys into the right bins so she couldn't play with anything.

Here is Sara's painting. I think it has something to do with the ocean. At least that was what she told me she was going to paint.

NEW poll

Okay, so I have a new poll....maybe more than 3 people will respond, because I would really like to know what people think. Here's where the poll's at ------------------------------->

If you had to choose between saving a human being or your family pet, which would you choose?

I actually do have a reason for asking the question (and no it's not something personally going on in my life)...but it's a question that came up recently (I'll share with you where, after the poll's over). So I'm curious about how people feel about this.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if you know the person, it could be family or a stranger, adult or child, just a human being in general. Happy Polling!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Done with VBS!

Man oh man the kid's made out this week with coupons! For completing VBS they received a certificate with a pizza coupon on the bottom. They get a free vanilla cone from Sonic and free kid's meals from Cotton Patch Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, Rosa's Cafe, Chili's, Chick-Fil-A and a free game of putt putt from Putt Putt Fun Center.


So I really needed some new make-up. I have the whole line of Bare Minerals, but I am one of the one's whose face it makes all itchy. So I never wear it....what a waste! Anyways, I went to the grocery store and bought some new foundation, powder, blush and eyeshadow. Oh yeah, mascara too.

After trying to call my sis-in-law Nicole to ask her what she uses (she didn't pick up), I called Shelly to get her advice.

On her advice, I went with liquid foundation. She uses foundation from Kohl's and recommended it, but I have no idea where a Kohl's is and I was pressed for time. So I got Cover Girl. I used to wear Cover Girl and I know what shade I wear, so that made it easy. What wasn't easy was checking out the 5 million different types of foundation that are out there. You have liquid, whipped creme, cream to powder, mineral, etc....too many!

I got the Advanced Radiance because it kept talking about looking younger and in reality, I am getting old enough to start wearing products that make me look younger.

I tried on the foundation and I like it enough. It's very lightweight. I have red on my cheeks though and wanted something to cover that up. This foundation didn't but then I had the realization that unless I want some caked on crap on my face, nothing is going to cover it completely. (Someone told me that the Bare Minerals would, but it didn't either).


Look what I just got in the mail!!!! Our King Tut tickets!! It's sold out so I am sooo glad I bought the tickets when I did. If I didn't homeschool, I probably would not have been anywhere as excited about seeing it. But since I know that we will be studying the Ancient Civilization's this year, it's a great opportunity to show the kid's the real deal of what we learn. I love educational field trips.

last day of VBS

my dog won't leave me alone

He is such a spaz. He jumped up on the end of my bed so I would pet him. I didn't. Instead I blinded him with my camera flash. He still loves me though.

playing house

The girl's little friend McKenzie came over to play yesterday. They decided to play house, then clean house (I asked Kenzie to do the dishes for me but she declined), and then read comic books. Exciting times I tell ya! lol

I love this pic. She was reading the comic book to the girl's and was being all dramatic and I caught her expression on camera. Too funny.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

horsey necklace and love bugs

After lunch, instead of watching a movie, we did some arts and crafts. Sara made herself a horsey necklace out of foam, foam stickers, beads and elastic. It was pretty much the same as when Emma made her Girl Scout swaps, but instead of attaching a pin, Sara used some elastic and added beads.

Lots and lots of foam cowgirl stickers.

I thought it was cute that she seperated the colors into two's. One for each side of the elastic.

All finished! Isn't it cute?! And she did it all by herself.

Next up was making some love bugs. Pretty much they are hearts with eyes, attached to a clothespin that has a magnetic strip on the back. They are basically magnets for the fridge that can hold papers in the clip.

I need to get some glue dots. I hate Elmer's glue, it is so darn messy!!!

Sara put hers to dry on the tuna can I used to make her horsey circle.

Emma eventually decided she wanted to make a love bug too.

Here is Emma's love bug.

Sara made two love bugs.

afternoon movie

I forgot that I had taken this pic yesterday. After I picked the kid's up from VBS, we had lunch and then I sat them down for a movie. I have learned that this is the best way to get them to chill out without forcing them to take a nap.

I rented them Mist: the tale of a sheepdog wasn't good. It looks cute though doesn't it? I thought the kid's would like it since we have a border collie. But it was filmed sooo badly! It was if I took my home video camera and filmed it and then did horrible voice overs. And the kid's got to witness the miracle of life. Apparently they show a baby lamb being born, uncensored. Aaron and I were in the bedroom and all of a sudden we heard all of the kid's go "ewww"! lol

The storm last night

Here is a pic of the ugly house across the street from us when it was pouring down yesterday. Before it started raining, you could hear the thunder coming and the sky turned a nasty dark brown color. It just looked dirty.

Then it started raining sideways and the wind started blowing like crazy. Before we went into the house Emma asked if she could play in the rain and I told her no....then once it started I asked her if she wanted to go play in it and she was like "no way" lol

We lost power around 8:30 and got it back 20 minutes later. But then we lost it again at 10 and I went to bed at 11, so sometime after that it came back on.....before Aaron got home. It was so hot inside and there wasn't a breeze outside to make it worth opening the windows.

*Update* On the way to VBS me and the girl's looked out for any storm damage and we came across 2 stoplights that weren't up right, a bench and a billboard sign knocked over, a fence halfway knocked down, lots of branches everywhere and some street signs were crooked.


This is our border collie Caleb. For the last 2 weeks he has been living as an outside dog because he smelled and Aaron wouldn't give him a bath. I finally put my foot down yesterday and made Aaron give the poor dog a bath. He is a spoiled little puppy and loves his parents. He likes the kid's but he loves us. He feel asleep standing up leaning on Aaron like this. He's a dork dog for sure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

High School Days

So my mom sent me a link to an old website I used to have from 2005. It had old pictures on it, but some were realllly old. From high school, 13+ years ago (man I am soooo old). And the only reason that I am sharing my humiliation is because I think that I got better looking the older I got...back then anyways. My looks have taken a downhill turn in the last 5 years since I had Sara...damn Bagby...hehehe

Introducing my first of three Freshman pictures. I am 15 here, have horrible acne, bad fashion sense and really bushy eyebrows...I actually like my hair. It was so soft and curly...we all remember perms right? lol This was taken at Bowman High in Bowman, N. Dakota where I had a grand total of like 32 freshman in my class.

Okay, since I hated my first Freshman pic, this is the retake. What sucks about this retake was that I forgot it was retake day. And I overslept. Therefore I had to jump in the shower, then ride my bike to school. The tips of my hair froze on the way to school. No lie. Then while I was scrunching and squishing the tips in the girl's bathroom, a nice helpful girl went to the office and got my a rubberband to put my hair halfway up.
On to my third Freshman pic. I hate this picture. I have old lady hair. Whoever though it was a good idea to cut off all of my hair and then perm it was wrong (mother), dead wrong.

But this is actually what started me on my 16 years of having short hair. I've grown it out twice and cut it back off. I am in the process of growing it out now and I'm not gonna cut it this time.

Back to the pic. It's not a school picture. It was actually taken at a studio in Rapid City, S. Dakota....I even have my Black Hill's Gold rose ring on. Black Hill's Gold is mighty popular up in the Dakota's. Ahhh my sophmore pic. Haircut is too short, but I've greatly improved on my make-up skills. Earring's were too long and the necklace was my boyfriend's. I totally got picked on for this shirt too. Does it look revealing to you? Just because it was a v-neck it was considered racy. What a bunch of prudes! But I have to say that I think I look pretty here...Man I wish I was 16 again!

My Junior Pic. I am 17 and decided to wear my humongous glasses for some reason!!! I never actually wore them, just thought they would look good in the pic...and yes, I do need them, but to this day, I do not wear glasses. This was taken at Lewisville High School in Lewisville, Texas...I moved there halfway during my sophmore year.

This is about the time I started dressing all preppy. You like my button up shirt? I did! And feathered hair apparently...why do I always get bad haircuts right before picture day?
Here I am on my 18th birthday with my hockey cake. I looooved hockey back then. Me and my friends used to play street hockey on rollerblades like everyday. And my favorite team was the Vancouver Canuck's because of # 25, Nathan Lafayette! lol I love my hair here...this is actually my favorite pic of me ever...don't know why, just is.

And this probably isn't the greatest prom pic I fact, I know I have a better one somewhere...but I am at 18 (almost 19) about to go to my Senior Prom with my loser ex (Anthony's dad). I don't know what the heck got all over the pic, but it wouldn't come off. I need to find more pics because Rachel and I went to prom together.
So there are my humilating high school pics. If I find more, you know I will share. Feel free to send me yours and I will share them (haha as if I really think anyone is going to fall for that one)!

Tooth Fairy

Emma lost another tooth yesterday (second one this week). Last night she decided to write a note to the Tooth Fairy to remind her that she had a tooth waiting to be exchanged with some cash. The note idea didn't just come out of nowhere, it is a necessity because the Tooth Fairy is constantly forgetting to come pick up teeth....I suspect it's mainly because she rarely carries cash and kid's don't take credit cards.

Emma decided to be very specific as to what she expected out of this visit. She isn't taking any chances. She wants $3 and 3 dimes. I have no idea why she needs this exact amount, but that is the amount she asked for. And she made me write it so that the Tooth Fairy would very clearly understand what she wants.

Aaron response to this is "what happened to getting a quarter"? Ahhh how times have changed. But, Emma being the Daddy's Girl she is, of course, will get $3 and 3 dimes under her pillow tonight.

another day at VBS

Here is Sara making improvements on my birthday card. Or as she says it, "Burpday card"....what's funny is that she is making me a birthday card and she doesn't even know that my birthday is in 2 weeks. Yep, I'm gonna be 32. Oh joy.
Here is my gappy toothed, slanty eyed girl Emma. She gets the slanty eyes from me...horrible curse. lol
Lounging, watching Diego.
Emma showing her VBS homework and Sara's puppy.
This is Sara realizing that Emma has her puppy.
Now happy that she has her puppy back, she's holding her homework and my Burpday card.
I totally stalked her this morning and followed her around. She looks so cute in her piggy tail bows, how could I resist?
Cute pic with the exception of all of the water (from brushing her teeth) all over her shirt. Oh well.
On the way out the door. All of the kid's took one stuffed animal to VBS. Kyle ditched his as soon as we got there, so it came back home with me.
I really like the church the kid's have been going to this week. When I went to pick the kid's up yesterday I asked the elderly man holding the door some questions about what kind of church it was. It's a bible church (Bear Creek Bible Church), Baptist based. That's cool with me, we are Baptist.

He was a really nice man, 76 years old and volunteering to help with VBS. And he remembered my name this morning. He gave me a visitor packet yesterday and even introduced me to the pastor's wife who was super nice and fun to talk to.

It's a smaller church too, so the kid's feel more at home. The church we had been going to was a nice church, but really large and the kid's felt a little lost there. I don't think they will have that problem here....this church reminds me of our first church in East Texas....which I greatly miss. I knew everybody there and I miss hanging out with all of the ladies.

Anyways, just thought I would share that I think we found a church home. I will have a better feel for it after we attend services on Sunday....I'll let ya know.