Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Weekend

We had a pretty relaxed laid-back weekend. We stayed at home Saturday and the girls played outside with their friends all day long. My kids love to be outside and the weather lately has been absolutely perfect, especially for Texas!

I made the kids up some sidewalk chalk and they painted the driveway of the empty house across the street.

Here is the kids friend Cheyenne. She let me know that she has a crush on Anthony and that she "can't help it, he's sooooo cute" LOL How funny is that?!

Sunday I took the girls over to Kristen and Daniel's for a "family" dinner. It was an Italian themed dinner and absolutely delicious!

Here I am with little Spencer.

Daniel cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Jennifer and Shawn.


Kristen made 2 different salads. Here is the first with avocado, tomatoes and mozzarella.

And an Olive Garden style salad.

This is what I brought. It's pasta with cream cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and freshly chopped spinach. It was awesome!

Daniel's manicotti. Do you like cheese? lol He also made another pasta dish with a meat sauce and Jen brought her lasagna.

Shawn, Jeff and Daniel.



What the heck is Shawn doing?

Daniel with my sunglasses on.

Jen with the new sunglasses I gave her!

Sara, Hannah and Emma!

We got home an hour past their bedtime and they put themselves to bed before I could even walk into the house! ha!

I didn't even have a chance to put jammies on! They just went right to sleep in their clothes!

So that was our weekend...slower paced than what I'm used to. Besides celebrating Easter this weekend I'm taking the kids to do bluebonnet pictures. They all have white shirts to wear so it should look super cute.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Tonight is Earth Hour! Turn off your lights at 8:30 for an hour!

I don't have any major plans for Earth Hour this year since the girls go to bed at 8 o'clock. I think I might just read a book by candlelight and go to bed early. Sounds like a plan!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Car!

Okay okay so it's not my new's my mom's!

My mom has been searching for a black (had to be black) Kia Soul for over a year and the dealership finally found her one! Fully loaded, heck yeah!

Isn't it cute?!

The inside is the best part! Look at all of that red!!!! I LOVE it!! Red is one of my favorite colors and I would love to have a car with a red dash, soooooo cute!

You see the speaker on the door? It flashes red to the music, sweet!

Her car smells so good too. It's not just a new car smell...I don't know what it is, but I like it! haha

Snazzy little sunroof!

Here is my mom as she rolled up to my house in her new wheels.

I am very happy for my mom that she finally found her dream car!!

Emma's Girl Scout Ceremony

On Wednesday Emma's Girl Scout troop had an award ceremony to present the girls with the try-it's they've earned since December.

This year for Thinking Day they learned about the country of India and here is the elephant Emma made.

She earned her Space Explorer try-it, Thinking Day patch, and mother/daughter tea patch.

Here she is being presented with her patches.

The Girl Scout pledge.

This was the last award ceremony Emma will have as a Brownie. At the end of the school year they are bridging the girls over to Junior Girl Scouts! My baby is growing up!!

MMA Fight

Saturday the 20th, Aaron and I took Anthony to an MMA fight in Arlington at The Gym with Aaron's friend Phillip. Phillip was able to get us tickets in the 2nd row and we had a really good time. I want to go back when they do another fight in May!!

I got 6 inches cut off of my hair that day! It's still long though.

You can always tell when Aaron doesn't want to take a picture. He knows it aggravates the heck out of me when he makes a funny face!

There were 2200 people there!!

Aaron and Phillip.

It was pretty cool, way more interesting in person than on tv. Tra Telligman was there and they gave him an award. I tried to get a picture but his back was to us and it was really dark so my photos aren't the greatest.

But if you like mixed martial arts, I recommend trying to come see the next fight in May!