Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jeff and Carrie's Birthdays

Our friend Jeff's birthday was on Monday and our friend Carrie's birthday was on Wednesday, so our group went out this Saturday to celebrate.

We started off with dinner at Kobe Steakhouse in Addison. We got there later than everyone else and I'm so glad we did because the wait time was over 2 hours and they don't take reservations on the weekends.

The food is totally worth the wait. It is spectacular! If you have a Kobe's near you, you have to try it. Expect to spend at least $60 for two though. Definitely a place reserved for special occasions!

Me and Scott, Carrie's husband.

Me and my love.

Get ready for the onion volcano!

Our chef was awesome. He was so funny and Aaron kept cracking jokes with him.

Here is my dinner. Chicken and shrimp in a creamy wine sauce (with cheese). In my opinion, it's the best thing on the menu! Aaron said that I should be ordering steak but the other times I've gone to Kobe's I've ordered steak and someone else ordered this and let me try it and I loved it.

Here is the birthday girl Carrie.

Carrie loves dragonflies and Kristen got her two different necklaces.

After dinner we headed over to Electric Cowboy in Lewisville. I love that place! I guess it's technically a country bar but they also play a mix of hip hop and dance music. I only danced one dance with Aaron though. He isn't a big fan of dancing, but he knew I wanted to dance so he asked me. awwww

Here is Shawn getting drinks.

The girls out on the dance floor.

Me and the birthday boy Jeff. It was his idea for me to grow my hair out. Halloween two years ago he suggested it, saying that he had never seen me with long hair (I had it super short for 16 years)...he let me know that he definitely liked it better long. lol

I love my Aaron so much. He is my best friend. I can't believe that we will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this year!

Doing the Cotton Eyed Joe. It looked like fun but not something I would attempt unless I really, really knew how to do it.

Jacob showed up and had to get on the dance floor.

Chris just chilling.


Aha! Shawn always tries to be silly when I take his picture because he knows it drives me crazy...but I got a good one this time!

Heather was talking to Aaron and shaking her head back and forth. lol I think it's a cool picture.

Silly Jen. Shawn is rubbing off on her!

Jeff and Heather.

Jeff and his sister Kristen.

Carrie, Jen and Shawn.

Jen, Shawn and Jeff. See what I'm talking about with taking Shawn's picture?!

Jeff and Chris.

Me and Shawn.

Aaron and Chris.

Carrie wanted to take a picture with Chris and Jeff but they started talking so she posed for me. lol

Aaron and Carrie.

Daniel and Shawn.

Shawn, Carrie and Jen.

Shawn, Carrie, Jeff, Jen and Aaron.

Shawn and Jen.

Daniel and Kristen.

Daniel blowing kisses. Everyone was doing it that night. Kiss your fingers, tap your chest, kiss your fingers, tap your chest, then point at the person you are blowing the kisses to. LOL That is what Aaron kept doing to me when we went out for Jen's birthday a couple of weeks ago so everyone has been teasing him and doing it.

Me and Daniel.

Aaron and Daniel.

Jeff and Chris. Jeff was kissing at me. He kept wanting me to take his pic that night. I love Jeff, he's great.

Me and Carrie.

Shawn and Jacob.

Me and Jacob.

My crazy friends.

This is Jacob demonstrating how they used to play football and how scared he was of Aaron back in the day (middle school) because of Aaron being so much bigger than him.

What is funny is that I used to work with Jacob at Old Navy back in 1997 before I ever met Aaron. I didn't know that they knew each other long before I came along.

Heather wanted to take a pic with Aaron and asked him to pick her up.

So that was our night. It was a lot of fun. One of my favorites for sure. I can't wait until this summer when we move back to Lewisville and can be closer to everyone!!