Friday, August 31, 2007

the library sucks!

Ok normally I love the Lewisville library but today they suck!! The appeal to going here is that they have computers for adults with kids and kids computers loaded with games and no internet. So when we usually come I can get online and the girls can either play on the other computers or look at books. Well they have changed the rules and now only 9-12 year olds can use the internet computers. I asked the librarian why they changed it and she said that people would get on the computer and then let their kids run crazy. That sucks!! And my normally crazy hyper kids are actually wonderful to take to the library. They talk soft, don't run, they follow the rules!! Maybe they will lift the rules after awhile...they could just post for people to watch their dang kids (common sense people)!!!

So I woke up sick today with my throat all scratchy. Luckily the girl's school load was light so I didn't have to do much talking. Anthony's on the other hand was a bit more and he needed more help so I had to talk anyways. Oh well. The girls are doing school tomorrow too since we didn't start on Monday and their curriculum is 5 days.

Anthony will start learning about Ancient Egypt next week for history. I'm pretty excited about that, it's one of my favorite time period's. I need ideas on an arts and crafts project for him to do. If you have any, send them this way!! Maybe I'll just wrap him in toilet paper and call him a mummy! lol

Other than that, there isn't anything new going on. We are boring!! lol

Thursday, August 30, 2007

switching website host!!

Ok so today has been a good day! Me and the kids got up early and had breakfast, hopped in the shower and started school. Anthony finished his work faster today than he has the couple of days but I guess the prospect of going to the library was a good motivator!

I am in the process of switching domain hosts. Yahoo costs me $40 a month and WAHM Shoppes is only $7 so that is a huge difference! It will take me a couple of weeks but I should have it put together by mid-September hopefully. I need to re-take pictures of all of my bows. The new site will be a lot less complicated with not as much stuff! I am dropping the pillowcase dresses and flip flops. I am just going to focus on bows. That is what I really like to do. I have changed it up a bit how I do the bows too....and they look a lot better than before!

We didn't do bento lunches today but we did yesterday (even though we didn't go anywhere). We had carrots with ranch (in a super cute tiny Hello Kitty container), Goldfish crackers, cream cheese and red raspberry jelly sandwich bites cut into little circles, heart shaped sandwiches made with ham, cheese and instead of mayo I used cream cheese. I totally stole that from the bentolunch chick and it was awesome!! lol We also had some cheese shaped like Mickey Mouse and some string cheese. I think that was all. The kids liked it.

Aaron only has 1 more day left until he no longer works at Franford and the Tollroad!! Then he has 2 days off (dove hunting anyone?) and then he goes to his new store. He is so excited and so am I!!! I want those bonus checks!! lol

Our wedding anniversary is coming Friday I believe. September the 7th! It will be 6 years since we got married! It's so crazy how fast the time flies.

Well gotta go!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1st day of school

Omg I am so tired! Today was such a busy day! Today was Anthony's first day of school. My mom and I went to Mardel yesterday and bought all of his curriculum. He was so excited, these books are so much nicer than the ones we used last year. Plus they were 1/2 off so that is awesome!!

So we did school...the girls barely did school over the summer but there was way too much drama at my in-laws that I just gave up. So now we are on a schedule and a routine and it's awesome! The last 3 weeks have been great...I love my tiny new home!

A neighbor was moving from one apt to another today and she has the cutest little boy who hung out with us all day to keep out of the way. He cracks me up. In and out all day! After I had vacumned (spelling?) the carpet 3 times I gave up and waited until after 6 to clean up!

Tomorrow is library back is killing me and I know I am gonna regret staying up so late but I just can't sleep. Right now I am trying to figure out how to switch my domain name for Princess Cheeky Monkey to another host site but I don't know how to do it!! I even considered changing the name or shortening it but other variations have already been registered. See, I'm not the only wierdo out there! Check out ...the chick makes cute stuff, I wish I had the name though. Oh well!

Oh yeah I forgot! Everyone knows that Anthony takes meds for his ADHD. When we moved to Frisco his pediatrician cut his dose almost in half because his psychiatrist from East Texas was giving him almost twice the dosage for kids! And to think that his teacher thought that he needed even more meds!

Anyway, we have decided to give it a try and only give him 1 pill a day instead of the 2 his doctor currently has him on. He did great today too so I am really hopeful that we can keep it that way. A year ago he was on 162 mg of Concerta a day and today I only gave him 36 mg and he was fine. But I know that one day isn't an indicator of how he is going to be. He is happy too because he knows that he is moving closer and closer to no meds at all. And that is the goal!! A lot of his behavior are things that need to be managed on his part. Medicine isn't a fix-all. And he knows that and is trying. I love him to death!

Aaron goes over to his new store in Colleyville next week. I can't wait. He is awesome at what he does and I am looking forward to the bonuses!!! Yay we are should have an awesome Christmas! I shouldn't say that and jinx it I think that next weekend we are gonna try the First Baptist Church of Colleyville. Not that there is anything wrong with Valley Creek; I just don't think it's the right fit for us. So we will searching until the we are at home.

Well....time to try to sleep again!!

Good night!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

bento bento bento

Ok so right now I tend to ramble on about bento boxes and all of the neat little gadgets and boxes I get for the kids. I should actually give my mom credit for it because she has bought me everything for it so far! Aaron says I'm too spoiled but I think that he's just jealous that she buys more stuff for me than him! lol

And if you don't want to hear about bento, go away, I didn't ask anyone to come and read my blog! This is my space and I am being nice and sharing it.

We went to the Asian World Market and Shop Minoya, both in Plano, and got all kinds of neat little boxes, soy sauce containers, etc.... and they are all Hello Kitty! Too cute! At the market we picked up some pork dumplings and chicken & veggie dumplings. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow! I think that since it's the 1st day of school I will take the kids up to the library and pack a lunch! We also got all kinds of little treats that luckily had english and japanese writing otherwise we would have never figured out what the were.

It sucks that we overslept and missed church today. I was looking forward to going, they switched the kids classes last weekend to match up with the school year and what grade they are going into. Since we missed I went ahead and decided to make a all from scratch breakfast for Aaron and the girls. We had biscuits with homemade bacon gravy, bacon & fried eggs. Tasted great but not worth the extra dishes!!

Well, everything today had to do with food and tomorrow it will be books! I always have a sore throat at the end of library day, Sara makes me every single book we check out to her before bed. Sometimes 4-5 times, especially if it's an Eric Carle book. She loves his artwork. I recommend The Lonely Firefly. The end is awesome!! Well worth it!

Well, good night!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My first day of blogging

Well I finally got myself a blog. Definitly inspired by my friend Monya and this lady who takes picstures of her kids Bento lunches and blogs them. She is awesome and my new hero, for now. lol.

So far my newest obsession is bento boxes and I have acquired a nice little selection of Hello Kitty boxes thanks to my mom and the Dollar Tree store. I have a drawer full of cookie cutters to cut the kids food into little shapes for them to gobble up. The most poular would be my dinosaur shaped sandwich cutter. It cuts off the crust and leaves me with 2 little dino sandwiches.

School for "regular" kids starts in a few days and I can't wait! I love being able to go places in the middle of the afternoon with my kids and having no crowds! The dollar movies is the first place I'm going! I think I'll take the kids every day next

Emma and Sara's school year sporatically continued during summer but due to the constant chaos of my in-law's house, it was best to wait. Well we have been in our new place for 3 weeks now and it has been wonderful! The kids have all 3 made friends and all day long it's kids running in and out.

Aaron finally got his own store! It's in Colleyville and that's about a 20 minute drive for him. Not too bad but he has to wait another week before he can move over there. He is really excited and it's been a long time coming!

Well, for being my first blog it's pretty of these days I will start to add pictures.

God Bless