Saturday, February 23, 2008

new games for the kids

So yesterday Ashley and I took the kid's over to CCA (thrift store). It's their anniversary so pretty much everything in the store was 50% off, including toys and games. I got all of these games for the kid's and the most I paid for any of them was $1.55!!!
Today my mom and I went back and got even more games. Then we went to Half Price Books and I helped Emma pick out these two books. They are so pretty. Every page has glitter on it and the illustrations are pretty enough without the glitter! And the glitter is sealed so it won't rub off, that's a bonus.

This is the book for Sara. It has pull out tabs that change the story.

Friday, February 22, 2008

pasta again

Well Emma got pasta again for lunch. But this time it is mini cheese ravioli. I mixed in a little shredded italian cheese, then she has strawberries, veggie mix (corn, green beans, peas and carrots) in a heart shaped cookie cutter to hold the shape and 1/2 of a mini bagel (cut in half) with a little butter on it.

new stuff from the internet

I got a couple of things form the internet. I love that both Amazon and Ebay don't require me to have my credit card on hand to order from if Aaron takes the debit card....I can always just shop online.

I actually got some cool stuff though. I ordered these 2 videos for the kids from Amazon. They had good ratings and the kids need more physical exercise. Of course I did order these before I knew we were moving so I have a feeling that I won't need them....we will have a backyard and that means freedom...and peace and just keeps getting better and better! lol
Okay, someone on the message boards raved about this dog brush. They paid $70!!!! for it and said that it worked great. Well Caleb is a shedder and I hate it! Dog hair everywhere. I found mine on Ebay and won the auction at $21 and paid $5 for shipping...I saved $44! See, the internet is good for something!
This is Aaron about to leave for work this morning. I wanted to take his pic and instead of being a nice obliging husband, he gave me this face...which of course I didn't notice until the camera took the picture. For those of you who don't know Aaron....the problem with the pic is that he is oversmiling....yes you read it right...oversmiling. And he's doing it on purpose!
So he did this for the next one!~ He actually stuck his tongue out at me 2 different times, but I only caught one on camera. For that I said, I'm going to blog it. lol He doesn't understand my blogging obsession and it's now become a threat....if you don't I will blog it....that was funny, I'm gonna blog it....let me take a pic for my blog....he hates it. I tell him that someday he will appreciate that I saved such trivial memories.
Then he just outright refused to let me take a good pic of him. Whatever, go off to work and make some pizza's pizza man!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay so we are finally moving! We have been here for 6 months and we have all developed cabin fever from the tiny space. What is funny is that the house we are moving to isn't very big at all. Not at all....940 square feet!!! But we are getting a pretty sweet deal, so I'm okay with it.

It's gonna be a change moving from Lewisville to Watauga...say Watauga 3 times fast! What a horrible city name. We will be right on the border of Watauga and North Richland Hills. Right up the street from the brand new library they are building and will have open mid-April.

The house is little but has a HUGE backyard! First thing on my list is a swingset for the kids. And a bench for the front porch. The kid's are going to have so much fun being ableto run free in the backyard. And for Anthony, Watauga has a skate park. He will be in heaven.

Plus my friend Ashley wants to move nearby and her mom lives in North Richland Hills. And has a pool! Ashley is going to be babysitting her 8 year old brother this summer and has decided that me and the kids are just gonna swim all day and then we can get tan. Works for me!

Aaron will only be about 10 minutes away from work. We could buy the house if we wanted to but we have decided to just rent. Looks like Washington is a few years down the road...yes I said a few years. How heartbreaking! The only reason we stayed here for so long was because we were planning on moving out of state. Some people knew that and others didn't so it was confusing to people as to why we would live here when we didn't have to. Oh well.

Hopefully we can move next Thursday.....a backyard and my own space...I'm beyond excited!!

Emma's lunch Feb 21

Here is Emma's lunch today. She loves pasta and veggies together and I'm so proud of her for making healthy food choices.
She has cantalope, strawberries, and a mini corn muffin (with honey on top of the batter, it made it so crunchy and sweet). Then pasta salad. Today's pasta salad was made from whole wheat rotini pasta with ranch and italian dressing, chunks of chicken, shredded italian cheese, and a veggie mix of corn, carrots, peas and green beans.

Lunar Eclipse

So there was an eclipse last night and we took the kids outside to see it. Really it wasn't that spectatular. And when the kid's asked us what an eclipse was, we had no idea. Some teacher I We haven't gotten that far in Science yet! I used night vision on my camera and this is how the pics came out.

yesterday's bento lunches

Here is Emma's bento lunch from yesterday. She wanted it in her new Hello Kitty bento box.
She got leftover spaghetti with parmesan cheese, broccoli, strawberries, yo-go's and there is ranch dressing in the little HK container.
Here is Sara's lunch in the Minnie Mouse bento box. She has cheddar cheese, heart bologna, pineapple and a teddy bear shaped mustard sandwich....that goes on top.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Emma's breakfast

Nothing too inspiring here but the kid's want any excuse to use their new bento stuff. It's just strawberries and rolled up pancakes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

dinner in new bento

Here is Emma's dinner last night. Grapes, cheese chunks, strawberries and then pasta salad. The pasta is made up of whole wheat penne pasta, a little bit of low-fat ranch, Olive Garden Italian dressing, shredded cheese, baby corn, broccoli, snap peas and carrots.

Sara just had pineapple, cheese and grapes.

New bento stuff for the kids

My mom and I went shopping yesterday and I bought the kid's a bunch of new bento stuff. We went to Shop Minoya in Plano, World Asian Market in Plano and the Disney Store at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco.

I got a good deal at the Disney Store. The little containers came in 3 packs for $5.50 each or 3 for $12. Even though the 101 Dalmations is a little kid-ish for Anthony, I figure it's better than Hello Kitty.

At Shop Minoya I did get him a green bento box. It is so hard to fin boy bento boxes! One of Aaron's employees is gonig to Japan soon for a visit and they said that if I gave them a list (preferrably with pics) they would get me whatever I wanted. So cool. I have my eye on a Nightmare Before Christmas bento for him.

From the Asian World Market. It's a puppy but it looks like a bunny. It's adorable.
It has a removable white container and a band to keep it closed.
These are so little, I love it. There are some that are even smaller in the pic of everything on the table. Another find at Asian World Market. Built in area for fork and spoon. This bento and the other are around $5-6. Not expensive, but when you are buying some much stuff at one time it adds up.
Sara with her new pets checking out the bento's.
Little rice bowls. I can get the kid's little chopsticks, but until I can get them to even eat rice, I will wait.
These came in packs with 4-5 forks each and same for the spoons.

This is a rice mold. Since the kids don't eat rice, I need to figure out what else I can mold. You can't see it, but they actually have little holes on the ends so nothing like jello or anything. Oh...I just had an idea...tell you later.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

my late night shopping finds

We got home from Going Bonkers just a couple of hours before Aaron got off of work and as soon as he got home he changed and we headed out to church.

After church we took the girl's out to eat at Rodarte & Vivero's Blue Moon Cafe (our fav Mexican restaurant) and the girl's were so good! They are always good when we go to a restaurant, but we don't go out that often, so I don't get to appreciate their good behavior that much. You caught that right? lol

Well Aaron was exhausted (he worked all day yesterday, got off a midnight, drove to Winstar with a friend, got home at 7:30 am, slept for 1 hour and then went to work at 9 and got off after 4). So I dropped him and the girl's off at home and headed up to Best Buy to help my mom buy a computer.

Then we went to Walmart to get Sara a new car seat. Graco is my favorite brand but the one I got was on sale for $30 instead of $40 and the Graco was $50. So here is her new car seat.

I also picked up a couple of recorders for them to use in school. I totally didn't think about it until I got home but I should have gotten one for Luke too. So I have a mental reminder to do that the next time I go to Walmart.
We strolled around checking out the Easter stuff. I saw this and had to buy it to make sure I had it. If anyone knows my son, they will understand the need to buy this! lol Anthony hasn't seen it yet, but he is gonna flip out when he does.
Ok, so here comes the best part!!!!!! We saw these Littlest Pet Shop Valentine tubes of pets. They had 2 different 3 packs. One has a bird, butterfly and chihuahua. The other has a bunny, monkey and a gecko.

They were on a shelf that said $4.97, but they were for Valentine's Day and all of the Valentine's Day stuff is 50% off. So they rang up $4.97. Told the cashier they should be half off and her manager was right there and he said, yep it's not ringing up right, she gets it for free. What?!

Ok-don't get too excited. I didn't get it free because it rang up wrong, that is only half right. Basically, it's Walmart's policy that if it is supposed to be clearanced and it rings up wrong, if the corrected price is under $3, you get it free.

Oh yeah, so I went and got 2 more. Then the cashier recommended that I pick up more if they have them. Well, how many? As many as you want. Okay, I won't argue. I left with a total of 18 tubes. 18!!! And there were still some left, believe or not (I felt so guilty getting so many). So if you know us and your kid's birthday is coming up, you now know what they are getting! lol

Going Bonkers

So this morning Ashley came to get Luke and she needed something to do to kill some time and I recommended Going Bonkers to her. She was all set to go and then I decided that we would join her. Went and picked up Anthony from my mom's and off we went.

I don't think that I will go back there on a weekend again. It was crazy! I am so glad that they stamp your wrists like Chuck E Cheese does because there is no way you would be able to keep up with where your kid was at all times. That place is insane in a good way.

Definitely going to try and set up a homeschool play date there. The kids would love it. Three hours and $25 later, my kids were all totally worn out. Admission is $5 a kid and $1 for 18 and up. We ordered 3 personal sized pizzas and we all got 2 slices, so that was cool.

The one bad part was that some kid accidentally knocked Anthony's glasses off and they got all bent and the lens popped out and he could only find one. So I have to call tomorrow to see if they found it when they were cleaning the place.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Luke's Valentine's Day photo shoot

Here are some pics I took of Ashley and mainly Luke on Valentine's Day.