Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Poker Game

Last night was our February poker game and we had a pretty good turn out. A few of Aaron's work friends had other obligations and couldn't make it, but there were still plenty of players.

This was my first attempt at making cookies and decorating them. Not too bad, they turned out ok as far as looks, but the taste is definitely something that can be improved. Trial and error.

Since Aaron was bringing home pizza for everyone, I went ahead and made greek pasta salad, caesar salad and just a regular salad...along with chips, veggies and dip.

Aaron brought home six different pizzas, which was great!!

Here is Heather in her cute new outfit!

Sara wanted this cookie all night and I finally let her get it. She did not like the taste. lol

Heather's son Dylan loaded up his pockets with Anthony's Nerf guns and posed for a couple of pictures.

Jeff with Spencer.

I don't have pictures, but around 11:30 I decided to use my new Kitchenaid mixer to make a homemade from scratch, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Everyone seemed to like it but I thought it was super rich. No more cake mixes for me...I love my new mixer!!

Early Birthday Present

Earlier this week my mom showed up at our house with an early birthday present for Emma, a new bike!

Sara is always outside riding her bike and Emma wanted one so they could ride their bikes to school and back every day. It seems like they are outside all day long now riding down our street or over to the park.

I love it!

Here they are on the 2nd day of riding to school. Aaron bought them colored bike locks with a word combination (instead of a number combination) and I drove to school the first two days to make sure they knew the right way to lock up their bikes.

They have been really responsible and I am super proud of them for following all of the rules we have given them in regards to riding their bikes. My babies are growing up!

Friday, February 18, 2011

3rd Annual Valentine Slumber Party

The Saturday before Valentine's Day the girls had their 3rd Annual Valentine Slumber party. Seven little girls running around our house!! It was fun though and the girls had a great time...until 1:30 am!!

This is my high school friend Carolyn's daughter Rebecca. I've known her mother since I was 16 years old!

They settled down to watch 101 Dalmations.

They each had to take a picture holding our cat Niko.

Finally crashed out!!

Chloe sleeps like a little vampire!

Emma and Valerie were the oldest there, everyone else was 8 and under, so they got to stay up later.

It was fun but I am so glad it only happens once a year!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentine Lunch

Last year on Valentine's Day we went to lunch at Tandoor Indian food restaurant in Arlington because it is one of my favorite places to this year we decided to go back...until that morning when Indian food didn't sound that great.

Instead, we too the girls to Joe's Crab Shack!

We were all pretty tired from the night before when the girls had their 3rd Annual Valentine Slumber Party and 7 little girls ran crazy in our house until 2 am!! I will post on that later.

It was a great time. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we sat outside and enjoyed Joe's crab. I love taking the girls out to lunch for Valentine's Day, they told us it was the "best Valentine's ever"!!