Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Day of School

Last day of school!!

I got the girls gift bags with cute little prizes for them...bubbles, sunglasses, leis, cards, beach towels, starburst and margarita glasses for snow cones!

Oh yeah, and a Slip 'N Slide!

I decorated the truck with balloons to go and pick them up from school.

Sara with all of her stuff.

Yay summer!!

Sara's Kindergarten Graduation

My Sara bear has graduated Kindergarten!

She is in the middle of the pic on the top row with the white and pink shirt on.

Her teacher, Mrs. Simmons, presenting her with her diploma.

For the last two years Sara has been the awarded "Most Artistic" in her class. The girls loves to draw!

My silly girls love to cool off with the water hose!

Our new kitten (he is so big now, it is actually October now but I'm blogging May stuff).

This is Niko...me and Emma call him Niko Baby.

He is a sweetie and has the softest fur ever!

car accident

Three days after we got back from the cruise I was rear ended. These are the pictures I took at the scene. It doesn't look like too much damage but unfortunately the thing that was damaged the most was my back.

I was stopped at a yield sign and my car was at an angle so I had to twist to watch for oncoming traffic. I actually have two separate injuries to my back.

Injury #1-herniated disk that is pushing on a nerve causing it to swell and make my entire left leg go numb

Injury #2- injured my SI joint. That is the painful one. It is a joint that barely moves too, but it has caused me so much pain ever since...

...since the accident I have had four cortisone injections in my back and physical therapy and so far none of it has worked for the pain. It is a very specific spot in my back and it has really taken a toll on my ability to do every day tasks.

I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of this month so see what our next step is, although I already know the answer. Surgery. I DO NOT want to have surgery because it involves pinning my pelvis to my backbone permanently. No thank you. But we will see what the orthopedic surgeon says. Keep me in your prayers please, I would appreciate it.

Daniel's 30th Birthday

The same day we got back from Seattle it was our friend Daniel's 30th birthday party. We wanted to make sure we got back in time to make it.

Here is the birthday boy!

Daniel's fiance' Kristen.

Aaron and Daniel

Jacob and Aaron

Steve and Trixi


All of the guys....Aaron, Jacob, Jeff, Daniel and Walt

Jacob and Jeff

Ron, Michelle's husband

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 13 Vancouver & Seattle

The cruises last stop was Vancouver. Unfortunately we didn't get to really see any of the city because we took a taxi directly to the bus station to get on a bus to Seattle. We love Seattle (and still tak about moving there) so we wanted to visit while we had the chance.

We left our luggage in a storage locker at the bus station and set out to visit the market.

The Hard Rock Cafe opened the day before we got there.

I LOVE Chukar Cherries!!!

This is what I brought home with me...yummy!!

We stopped in a Beecher Cheese and sampled some No Woman cheese which was really really good!

This guy was pretty talented. And since I took a picture, we dropped in a couple of bucks.

O M G. If you ever go to Seattle, go to the market and visit Piroshky Piroshky. I cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of their food. You HAVE to go!

My fav, the beef and cheese!

When we were at Beecher's we picked up their mac and cheese. That was some of the BEST mac and cheese I have ever had!

Of course we had to stop back in to the 1st Starbucks!

Look how they spelled "Aaron"

This time I picked up a souvenir for myself.

Then it started to get cloudy and drizzly so we headed back to get our luggage and take a train to the airport.

Found this on the way to the train station.

We couldn't catch the last flight to Dallas that night (the downside of flying stand-by), so we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at when we were there last time. I haven't seen these chips in Dallas...they were wasabi flavored and gross. Aaron liked them though.

We overslept and almost missed our flight but I am so glad we did because otherwise we wouldn't have ran into Cord from The Amazing Race!!!

It was 5 am at the Seattle airport, we were late and went into the wrong entrance but that brought us right into him! I was so excited, I wanted him and his brother to win the show but they came in second.

So that was our vacation. It was awesome and we had a great time together. Aaron and I have been married for nine years now and we really love each other and are each others best friend, so it was great to get away from every day life and enjoy each other.

Now that I have got all of these pics up I will try to quickly get the blog updated and started back blogging regular again. Thanks to any of y'all that have stuck with me through my non-blogging.

Love y'all!