Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 11 & 12 Nanaimo & Victoria BC

Our first stop in Canada was Nanaimo. There wasn't very much to do there at all. I only have two pictures.

Here we are with a couple of Royal Canadian Mounted Police women. There were right at the top of the ramp when we got off the tender and were nice enough to take a picture with everyone who asked.

As we were walking through a small side street on the way to the library I saw this on the concrete and thought it was pretty cool. These are the only pictures I have of Nanaimo.

We did go back to the ship and get our dirty laundry and used the port laundry room (with permission first sine it's only for boaters) and saved ourselves about $75 in ship laundry fees.

The next day we stopped in Victoria, BC. It was a beautiful town. We rode a city bus into the heart of it and then got out and started walking. This city had so many beautiful churches, I loved it.

We saw this little entry way into what looked like a park, so we went in....

...and found out that we were at the historic St. Ann's Academy. The church was open so we went in. And just as we left, a bridal party was arriving for a wedding.

As we walked on, we came across this group playing lawn bowling. They were very friendly and more than happy to explain the game to us. Apparently it is popular in Canada, England and Australia. It looked fun and I loved how everyone wore white.

I'm pretty sure this was a hotel. I loved the ivy and the fact that across the street was water...I wish we would have taken a look inside. I guess we will have to next time!

Here is their Parliament building. This place was pretty cool. Did you know that the British still rule over Canada?

We walked around inside and even got to sit in on a (boring) session of government. Although it was boring, it was still cool that we got to witness it taking place.

I had to pick this up in Victoria. It's a Mars bar. I've had them before, they are just Milky Way's, but Aaron wanted to try it.

Next stop is the end of the cruise...Vancouver...but we don't stop there...

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