Tuesday, October 12, 2010

car accident

Three days after we got back from the cruise I was rear ended. These are the pictures I took at the scene. It doesn't look like too much damage but unfortunately the thing that was damaged the most was my back.

I was stopped at a yield sign and my car was at an angle so I had to twist to watch for oncoming traffic. I actually have two separate injuries to my back.

Injury #1-herniated disk that is pushing on a nerve causing it to swell and make my entire left leg go numb

Injury #2- injured my SI joint. That is the painful one. It is a joint that barely moves too, but it has caused me so much pain ever since...

...since the accident I have had four cortisone injections in my back and physical therapy and so far none of it has worked for the pain. It is a very specific spot in my back and it has really taken a toll on my ability to do every day tasks.

I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of this month so see what our next step is, although I already know the answer. Surgery. I DO NOT want to have surgery because it involves pinning my pelvis to my backbone permanently. No thank you. But we will see what the orthopedic surgeon says. Keep me in your prayers please, I would appreciate it.


Teacher of One said...

Find a good chiropractor... they are different one size does not fit all.

Cortni said...

You aren't the first person to recommend a chiropractor, so after reading your comment, I made an appt. for next week. Hopefully they can help me because I do not want to have back surgery!

Thanks so much!!