Sunday, December 19, 2010

4th of July 2010

As usual, 4th of July was spent over at Kristen's house. Then we drove over to the mall to watch fireworks. We have had the same spot for the last few years and it really is the best place to watch the fireworks. They explode directly in front and over us. Awesome.

Here I am with my little cousin Anthony (who I named my son after).

Anthony and Emma


My Emma

Sara's 4th of July flip flops. Emma won't wear any bows or bow flip flops, so all I have is Sara.

We have to be patriotic from our heads to our toes!! This year I attached rhinestones as stars. Last year I just did polka dots.

Kristen, Daniel and little Spencer.



Anthony before he grew 2 feet and is now towering over me!!! And he's only 14!

Playing frisbee

Trixi and River

Sleepy River

Carrie and Kristen

Carrie, me and Kristen

Me and Jacob

Jacob, Aaron and I


Me and Jennifer

Ava and Sara

Jacob and Spencer

Sara and Ava watching the fireworks


Jacob and Kristen

Me, Jacob and Kristen

Happy 4th of July!!

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