Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hugo My Little Man

In case you didn't read where I previous posted about our yorkie Lucy, our other dog killed her. We don't think that he meant to hurt her, she came up to him while he was eating. We didn't realize that she had wandered off to where he was. 

 It completely broke our hearts. She was our baby. Everyone loved little Lucy. We found a good home for our Australian Shepherd in early December. It wasn't just because of Lucy's death. He never bonded with us. His new home is close by and with a friend of my mom's. He has other large dogs to play with and he gets the attention he needs. He is happy and we are happy for him. 

 I knew Christmas was going to be hard, and Aaron started looking for a boy miniature schnauzer for me. We decided to go with a different sex and breed. He found me Hugo. 

Hugo is my little man and the love of my life. This little guy loves his mama so much!! He is always with me and if not with me, he is with Sara. Emma and Anthony are his playmates. We got him in early November and it's now May so he has grown quite a bit. 

The first night with Hugo we stopped off at Weinerschnitzel, my fav place in the whole wide world and there is only one and it is far from my house.

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