Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pics of Me as a Kid

I was at my mom's house one day and came across some old pics of me as a kid as well as old pics of family. Love these! 

My softball pic. I am 12 years old.
Here is my mom. hahahahaha

Here I am at 10 years old.

Here I am on my senior prom night with my brother Jason.

Here I am at 9. Love the buck teeth (not at all).

My mom and me on my parents wedding day. I was their flower girl.

Easter at my Aunt Velma's house. I am the mad looking one in the front. My brother Jason is behind me in the black shirt, our mom to the right of him.

Me and Anthony in 1997...he is 10 months old here.

My senior prom pic...circa 1995.

Old pic of my family. My mom is in black at the back left. My grandpa is on the far right and that is actually my Aunt Velma leaning back against him. My grandma is to the left holding the little girl (my cousin).

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