Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Since we were snowed in at Jennifer's house for Christmas Eve we had to come up with a plan to make sure Santa had left out his presents for the kids. So we dropped the kids off at my mom's house and came home to make sure everything was ready for them.

Note to year don't wait until the last minute to wrap the will wear yourself out Santa! *wink*wink*

Here is our tiny tree. I miss our big tree but we live in such a tiny house there is no room for it. We plan on moving this summer though and I shall once again have my big tree up at Christmas. This little one will go into my kitchen next year. I already have several Mary Engelbreit ornaments that will match my kitchen perfectly.

Anyways....on to Christmas!

My babies. I love them so much. I thank God for them on a regular basis. The rest of the time I huddle in a corner crying why me? I'm kidding I'm kidding. Kind of. lol Oh I think I'm so funny today, aren't you lucky!

Family games! We love family games. I want the kids to be able to play chess and right now only The Boy knows how to play. So Santa brought us this to learn. Yay Santa!

Pictureka!!! I don't know how Santa knew that I've wanted this games for quite awhile now...but he did and he brought it to us. We love you Santa. Especially for bringing us fun family games to play together.

The girls LOVE this game. They make us play it every night when Aaron gets home from work. We love it too...go buy one right now, it's worth it, trust me!

I love handmade stuff...and this is the BEST!! Handmade wooden swords with Anthony's name burned into them. You can buy them here. This guy is awesome and has great customer service. Seriously, go to his store and buy stuff from him.

Emma loves small rodents....these aren't real though...fake hamsters yay!

Both girls got a paint-your-own tea set. I will post pictures of their painted tea sets later...they did an awesome job on them!

The girls both got this gun....that way they can shoot their brother. I use it to shoot my father-in-law when he comes out of his room. hehe

This was on his wish list so he was pretty happy...can you tell by that huge grin on his face?

They asked for Leapster games and that's what they got!

She asked for this doll so she was pretty happy Santa brought it for her.

Emma got a new horse. For the last four years she has carried around a horse we got her from the Alamo. That poor thing has had surgery on his side, his mane singed off in the dryer, and basically just loved to almost death. If that horse was the Velveteen Rabbit, that horse would be alive already!

The big gun!

My mom got Emma this cookbook along with a bunch of stuff she can use to cook...mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups, spatulas and a whisk.

This is an awesome little cookbook with cajun recipes. I cannot wait to try the gumbo and the jumbalaya. So far the only thing we've made from the book is Eggs in a Nest. Man of man is it good but so not healthy. Good nonetheless! You can check out info on the book and pictures of the inside here.

And here is our puppy Caleb on Christmas. Today is actually New Years Eve and it is Caleb's 3rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Caleb!! We got him on Valentine's Day and he was just a cute fuzzy little puppy.

Here he is when we first got him. He was so cute! I love my stalker dog!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Y'all be safe tonight!!

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Smile Moon Woodworks said...

The kids look like they had such a great Christmas! Thank you so much for the mention - Anthony seems to have really enjoyed his swords!