Friday, January 1, 2010

Random December stuff

When I was going through all of the pictures I loaded of December (almost 600 of them) I came across some random pics I took throughout the month. And since this blog is a way for me to save our memories, I thought I would go ahead and blog them.

This is before the Christmas break, at Sara's class party. Here she is with her best friend Alexis.

And her little snowman she made.

Here is Emma at her class party. Her friends are so funny. They always start talking to me when I come to visit the class.

The girls helped me clean out our car and we went to the car wash. They love the car wash.

We saw this in someone's driveway on the way home. Ummmm okay. lol I think they must be big Star Wars fans.

Daddy's day off consisted of running Daddy's errands, then taking him to work! Here is Emma's "giraffey" all buckled up.

Emma and Shadow. She loves Shadow. We picked him up on one of our mommy/daughter days beack in 2007. You can see that post here.

I think Emma wore the same red shirt all month. Seriously. lol

We stopped by Nana's work and she took us to lunch at the Local Diner.

New Years Eve! We stayed at home and watched District 9 and had the girls in bed and asleep by 9:30. Before all of that, Emma toasted in the New Year with some sparkling grape juice in our Christmas wine glasses.

Don't you love the glass? My mom bought me those for Christmas this year. Emma loves them too and now that the holidays are over I can pack them away until next year!

And the tea set pictures I promised. This is Emma's tea set. I love her tea pot, I think she did a great job.

Here is Sara's set. Do you like how she made a face on her tea pot? Adorable. I love my creative girls!

So there are the random pics from my camera...hope you liked them!

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