Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Formal/70's Night on the cruise

I think that our favorite night on the cruise was formal/70's night. We had such a good time with everyone.

Here we are ready to head out to dinner.

We loved having dinner every night with the other people at our dinner table. Everyone would share their stories of what they did that day on shore.

Lilly & Nick from California

Andy & Cath from England

I feel so bad but I can't remember her name. I believe it was Agnus and she also lived in England.

Our assistant waiter Damir.

Our waiter Ronaldo. We loved both waiters, they were awesome.

After dinner we headed back to our cabin and change for the 70's party in the Centrum.

I didn't like the grey t-shirt so I switched to purple and had to take another pic.

The cruise director Kirk came out like this...

My friend Kathy and I

The staff performed to Macho Man, it was hilarious!

They were dancing and goofing off in the elevator, going up then down to put on a show for us!

After the party in the Centrum we headed up to the Galaxy Club for the after party. We had a great time that night. I love dancing with Aaron...he is so shy, so it's nice when he just lets go and has fun!

Our next stop is Canada!!

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