Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Edition Get To Know Your Fellow Bloggers

I was tagged by Holly and being the awesome person Holly is, I just can't say no, so here goes.....

It is the Christmas Edition of "Get to know your fellow Bloggers". How this works...I will answer the questions and then I will "Tag" a couple of my fellow bloggers for them to answer these questions on their blog. And then they will tag someone else, and so on and so on. So here we go.

1) Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both

2) Real or Artificial tree? Artificial

3) When do you put your tree up? Usually the first week of December

4) When do you take your tree down? Usually after New Years!

5) Do you like eggnog? Love it

(6)Favorite gift received as a child? Cabbage Patch Kid astronaut

7) Hardest person to buy for? My son! He is almost a teenager and Lego's probably won't cut it anymore. lol

8) Easiest person to buy for? The girls

9) Do you have a nativity scene? Yes

10) Mail or e-mail Christmas Cards? Mail

11) Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I appreciate any gift I get

12) Favorite Christmas Movie? It's a Wonderful Life, black and white version's my all-time fav movie

13) When do you start shopping for Christmas? Usually in November

14) Do you hang mistletoe? No

15) Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Ham

16) Lights on tree? Only white lights

17) Favorite Christmas Song? All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

18) Travel at Christmas or stay home? I would travel home to California if I could, but we stay home.

19) Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Yes. Yes I can.

20) Angel or Star on top of tree? Star

21) Open the presents Christmas Eve or Morning? Usually ONE present gets opened on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day!

22) Most annoying thing about this time of year? Rude people

23) Favorite ornament theme or color? I love anything homemade

24) Favorite for Christmas Dinnner? Ham...wasn't this asked earlier?

26) What do you want for Christmas this year? I already got what I wanted....crystal chip and dip bowl and chargers to go under my Christmas dishes.

26) Who do you Tag to answer these on their blog? Beth!!

By the way Holly....I can't leave any comments on your blog, I can't see the word verification!!

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Holly said...

That is weird!! I have no idea if I can do anything to fix that?

But thanks for saying that I am awesome! LOL!! I think you are pretty awesome too! :)