Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve my mom came over and brought the kid's all of their presents from her. Since we had gone to see Santa earlier in the day I was a little behind on getting dinner going so we had a nice spiral ham and mac and cheese. That's it. lol

The kid's always get to open their presents from Nana on Christmas Eve.....

Both girl's got Leapster 2's

And The Boy got Guitar Hero! Me and Aaron have played every song on that thing! It is so addictive and highly recommended!

My mom gave each kid a pack of batteries and wrapped them like a present. It gave the kid's a good laugh when they opened them.

The kid's made Reindeer Food and sprinkled it all over. In Sara's case, she really sprinkled it everywhere and it was such a pain to sweep it away later that night!

Here is Anthony making his bag of Reindeer Food.

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