Tuesday, March 10, 2009

little clay creatures

I am totally in love with little polymer clay creatures. I think that they are adorable and I wish I could make them, because that is what I would do all day. I'd create little villages of bears and bunnies. Well, maybe not, but I do really envy people who can make these beads.

I bought these three (and like 20 more that are on their way) on ebay and I plan to make them into necklaces for the girl's. I am also painting them their own jewelry boxes so they have a place to keep them safe.

These three are for Sara.

I love this little strawberry bear. I've ordered a girl with a watermelon for Emma.

I had to get a bunny for Easter. I think this is adorable but Emma's is so much cuter, it's a teddy bear with bunny ears on.

It's hard to tell, but these little things are only the size of a quarter. They are really small, yet big enough to be the center of a necklace for a little girl.

This is the ebay store I bought them at. There are all kinds of stuff there. When it gets closer to summer I want to get some patriotic bears to make some 4th of July jewelry. But that's all of the excitement I've had around here in the last couple of days. Pretty sad really. lol

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Melanie said...

Those are really cute. At first I skipped where you said you bought them and was so jealous that you had made those. I was really surprised that they are only the size of a quarter, that's a lot of detail for something so little.