Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cards Between Friends

I want to tell y'all about my friend Maricela. I actually met her when I bought the cutest little notebook from her etsy shop, Cards Between Friends. Since then she has made me tons of notebooks, cards and tins.

She is fantastic! So talented and creative and I thank my lucky stars I found her. And ever since we met, we have just gotten to know each other better and now I consider her my friend.

Here is a tin she made for my mom. I LOVE it!!! The colors rock!

Here is my tin. I plan on using it for my mommy cards (yep I'm a dork, I have mommy cards). Is it not beautiful?! She even put a little mirror in them! So girly, I love it!!

Here is the tin she made for Sara. It is so tiny! The tins for my mom and me are much larger.

Here is Emma's tin. It is little like Sara's. These are precious!

This is my favorite card that Maricela has made for me. The bird is shimmery, you just can't tell in the pic. I actually had her make me a notebook with this cover, and one like it for my mom and for my sis-in-law Nicole. lol

Here are some of the little notebooks she made for me. Sara loves to write in little books.

This is my address book. She even put little tabs in it for me.

Book for Emma, since she loves cowboy/cowgirl stuff.

This card is named Spencer because it's for my friends, Jeff and Heather, and they are naming their baby Spencer.

And this card is the absolute best because it is named after me. Yep ME!! This is the Cortni Baby Card that Maricela made me for Heather's baby shower. It's not every day that you have a card named after you!!

I love to have stuff made for me and these are by far my favorite "made for me" things right now. The cards I get from her I send to my grandma and she displays them on top of her tv for everyone to see. How cool is that?!

So go and check out her store or her blog right won't regret it! (maybe your pocketbook will, ha! Her stuff's like a Pringle, you can't have just one!)

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