Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our St. Patrick's Day *lots of pictures*

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It's spring break here in Texas so I took the kid's to jump around at Jump Zone today. They had an absolute blast. And there were not very many kids there so they pretty much had the run of the place, which was pretty cool.

Sara wanted to show off her froggy socks.

When they were done bouncing to their hearts content, we went and picked Aaron up from work. He needed a gasket for work so we drove to Dallas to pick one up.

Outside of the gasket place they had these metal dinosaurs, so of course the kids had to get out and take pictures with them.

Emma is pretending that the dinosaur got her. lol

Sara and Anthony decided to race....

...here is Anthony lying on the ground pretending that he tripped right before the finish line so Sara could catch up. She didn't. And she wasn't happy about it. Poor baby, she will learn that you don't win all of the time.

Then we decided to take the kid's to a park. We were close to Oak Lawn and Scottish Rite Children's Hospital so we went to a park right by there. The kids got to run around for a little bit and totally wear themselves out! lol

There are little cars inside and you spin the wheel to make the car go a lap. They were racing for 3 laps. Anthony won by an entire lap. lol

We have a snow cone maker, so after dinner we made the kids some snow cones for dessert. I absolutely love that it is getting warmer. It's starting to feel like snow cone weather!!

We tried a new flavor that we hadn't tried before, Bug Juice! It is actually pretty good....but everyone's favorite is Blue Raspberry.

So that was our St. Patrick's Day. Tomorrow we are going to the park and either Thursday or Friday I am taking the kid's to the $1 movies. That way they have some fun on their spring break!!

We are hoping to take the kids camping at the end of April since we didn't have the time or money to go on vacation this week. They will love that, they have been begging us to go on a family vacation.

So what did y'all do to celebrate today?

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Melanie said...

Looks like y'all had a very busy and fun day. We didn't do anything for St Patricks day.