Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Six Styles of Photography...by me

This morning I was thinking of some older pictures of the kids I had taken and how they are my favorites because they aren't your typical "smile and say cheese" type of pictures.

I thought I would upload them and share them with you. As I was going through my albums I took mental notes of what "type" of picture each might be classified as. I was actually surprised that I take six types of photographs. Actually seven, but I didn't cover the seventh here...the seventh is the posed picture, the "smile and say cheese" kind. But those aren't as fun as the six.

I do want to mention the "blackmail pic". Just about everyone has one. It's the super embarrassing picture that your parents take of you as a kid where you are either dressed goofy or you are acting goofy.

Then....when you get older (let's say your teen years) they decide to take them out and either show them to your friends (hahaha) or to a date (hahahahahaha), just because it's funny to them. Don't you just love your parents for that? I can't think of any blackmail pics I have, I embrace my inner dorkness so there isn't much to be embarrassed by.

BUT....I can use any one of these as blackmail pics for my children when they get older. muah hahahaha (that was my evil laugh)

So now that we have covered all of that, here we go!


Why oh why does my Emma have a pickle in her mouth? Because she loves pickles, duh!

She's a pirate princess of course! With no pants on, ummmmm, I don't know. lol

2. Silly Faces

The first thing anyone ever says about this pic is "that's a big jar of peanut butter" Why yes, yes it is!! lol (this is Emma at 3 yrs old by the way)

She was so mad at me and refused to smile. Ha Ha to her!! I still got a cute pic!

She's a fish on a hook. Duh

Oh my she was mad at me and DID NOT want her pic taken. I took it anyways, and I'm so glad I did! It shows that little Sara attitude!

He's my son, what can I say?

She is kin to him.

Her hands were really cold. hehehe

I call this one "when Hitler met Heidi and they decided to have kids" lol

3. Action Shots

This is Sara trying to play badminton. Seriously. We do not know why but she insisted that she had to flip her leg up like that in order to hit the birdie. Every. Single. Time.

Oh, and her shoes are on the wrong feet....because she also insists that they go that way. (She finally broke that habit a couple of months ago...yay)

She commands the leaves and they obey!! lol

She wanted to hug me and I was running away backwards. Notice the shirtless boy in the background. Hey, it was the country!!

Busted!! She actually got stuck here. We were at one of Anthony's baseball games and she decided to climb the fence.

4. Pure Happiness

They were smiling all pretty for me to take the pic, then Heather just busted out laughing for no reason. I love it!

She just got done riding Steve's go-cart. She LOVED it....Steve was scared for his life. hehehe


Sometimes it's fun to take pics that aren't the norm. I think these are my favorite kid of pics to take.


I actually have a much better pic of Emma from this day somewhere. She is sitting there in it but scratching her back with the funniest look on her face. But I can't find it, so this will have to do.

Anyways....she was dressed as Tinkerbell and watching cartoons.

This I took before the other one pictured above in FUN ANGLES. She was very serious about her artwork...she's her mama's child.

This was taken at the Spanish Governor's Mansion in San Antonio. It has a beautiful garden and we hung out, just relaxing, for about an hour. Emma sat down by the fountain and just watched the water....she never knew I took a pic of her.

So that is it for now.....my Six Styles of Photography. What are yours?

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