Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year we spent Halloween over at Kristen and Daniel's. We all took the kids trick-or-treating together and then threw a Halloween party for the kids and adults.

Here is Jeff and Heather all dressed up. I love Heather's costume, she looked so cute!!

My little witch Sara.

My mom and the girls made the cupcakes and Kristen made these awesome peanut butter cookie things that were soooo good!

Daniel made sure the liquor cabinet was well stocked! lol

Sara, Katie (Kristen's daughter) and Emma, my gypsy.

All of the kids right before trick-or-treating.

Who could this be?


Nurse Shannon.

And her patient Fletcher...he had a bad accident at work that day.

Put on Thriller and the kids started dancing. The room was totally dark except for the black light.

Me and Daniel!

Me and Chris.

Me with Jen.

Me with Kristen.

Kristen was a cherry pie and Daniel was the cherry pie eating contest winner. lol

Me and Jeff.

Jen and Shawn.

All of the guys, except Aaron because he got there so late.

All of the girls.

Aaron finally got there!

Kristen and her brother Jeff.

My mom was there and took the girls home with her that night, Anthony spent the night at Kristen's with lil Daniel, and somewhere around 4:30 am I went to sleep in the guest room, and Aaron and Jeff crashed out about 5 am.

It's been a long time since we stayed up that late at a party!! We are too old for that! lol

It was a lot of fun, probably one of the best Halloween's I've ever had!

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