Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our New Family Member

We decided to get the kids a new pet for Christmas. We have had hamsters and didn't want to go that route again so we looked into rats and guinea pigs. I actually like rats better but I fell in love with a particular guinea pig at Petco and had to have him. Right now!!

I was afraid that if we waited someone else would buy him and he was so adorable, I just couldn't take that chance! We actually went to the pet store 5 times in 3 days before we finally bought him.

So here he is, our new family pet,

Scotty Ann Furhair Bagby!

I love him so much. He is the sweetest little guinea pig. He loves to run and he has several different noises he makes. He purrs, wheet wheets, sings, chirps. The cutest is when he is happy and purrs. When guinea pigs are happy they definitely let you know it! And they do these cute little jumps called popcorning when they are happy.

Even though he is supposed to be a family pet, he is my baby and I look forward to seeing him every morning. He sits on my lap and watched tv with me. lol

I would definitely recommend a guinea pig as a pet, they are so sweet!

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