Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1st day of school

Omg I am so tired! Today was such a busy day! Today was Anthony's first day of school. My mom and I went to Mardel yesterday and bought all of his curriculum. He was so excited, these books are so much nicer than the ones we used last year. Plus they were 1/2 off so that is awesome!!

So we did school...the girls barely did school over the summer but there was way too much drama at my in-laws that I just gave up. So now we are on a schedule and a routine and it's awesome! The last 3 weeks have been great...I love my tiny new home!

A neighbor was moving from one apt to another today and she has the cutest little boy who hung out with us all day to keep out of the way. He cracks me up. In and out all day! After I had vacumned (spelling?) the carpet 3 times I gave up and waited until after 6 to clean up!

Tomorrow is library back is killing me and I know I am gonna regret staying up so late but I just can't sleep. Right now I am trying to figure out how to switch my domain name for Princess Cheeky Monkey to another host site but I don't know how to do it!! I even considered changing the name or shortening it but other variations have already been registered. See, I'm not the only wierdo out there! Check out ...the chick makes cute stuff, I wish I had the name though. Oh well!

Oh yeah I forgot! Everyone knows that Anthony takes meds for his ADHD. When we moved to Frisco his pediatrician cut his dose almost in half because his psychiatrist from East Texas was giving him almost twice the dosage for kids! And to think that his teacher thought that he needed even more meds!

Anyway, we have decided to give it a try and only give him 1 pill a day instead of the 2 his doctor currently has him on. He did great today too so I am really hopeful that we can keep it that way. A year ago he was on 162 mg of Concerta a day and today I only gave him 36 mg and he was fine. But I know that one day isn't an indicator of how he is going to be. He is happy too because he knows that he is moving closer and closer to no meds at all. And that is the goal!! A lot of his behavior are things that need to be managed on his part. Medicine isn't a fix-all. And he knows that and is trying. I love him to death!

Aaron goes over to his new store in Colleyville next week. I can't wait. He is awesome at what he does and I am looking forward to the bonuses!!! Yay we are should have an awesome Christmas! I shouldn't say that and jinx it I think that next weekend we are gonna try the First Baptist Church of Colleyville. Not that there is anything wrong with Valley Creek; I just don't think it's the right fit for us. So we will searching until the we are at home.

Well....time to try to sleep again!!

Good night!!!!

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