Sunday, August 26, 2007

bento bento bento

Ok so right now I tend to ramble on about bento boxes and all of the neat little gadgets and boxes I get for the kids. I should actually give my mom credit for it because she has bought me everything for it so far! Aaron says I'm too spoiled but I think that he's just jealous that she buys more stuff for me than him! lol

And if you don't want to hear about bento, go away, I didn't ask anyone to come and read my blog! This is my space and I am being nice and sharing it.

We went to the Asian World Market and Shop Minoya, both in Plano, and got all kinds of neat little boxes, soy sauce containers, etc.... and they are all Hello Kitty! Too cute! At the market we picked up some pork dumplings and chicken & veggie dumplings. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow! I think that since it's the 1st day of school I will take the kids up to the library and pack a lunch! We also got all kinds of little treats that luckily had english and japanese writing otherwise we would have never figured out what the were.

It sucks that we overslept and missed church today. I was looking forward to going, they switched the kids classes last weekend to match up with the school year and what grade they are going into. Since we missed I went ahead and decided to make a all from scratch breakfast for Aaron and the girls. We had biscuits with homemade bacon gravy, bacon & fried eggs. Tasted great but not worth the extra dishes!!

Well, everything today had to do with food and tomorrow it will be books! I always have a sore throat at the end of library day, Sara makes me every single book we check out to her before bed. Sometimes 4-5 times, especially if it's an Eric Carle book. She loves his artwork. I recommend The Lonely Firefly. The end is awesome!! Well worth it!

Well, good night!

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