Thursday, August 30, 2007

switching website host!!

Ok so today has been a good day! Me and the kids got up early and had breakfast, hopped in the shower and started school. Anthony finished his work faster today than he has the couple of days but I guess the prospect of going to the library was a good motivator!

I am in the process of switching domain hosts. Yahoo costs me $40 a month and WAHM Shoppes is only $7 so that is a huge difference! It will take me a couple of weeks but I should have it put together by mid-September hopefully. I need to re-take pictures of all of my bows. The new site will be a lot less complicated with not as much stuff! I am dropping the pillowcase dresses and flip flops. I am just going to focus on bows. That is what I really like to do. I have changed it up a bit how I do the bows too....and they look a lot better than before!

We didn't do bento lunches today but we did yesterday (even though we didn't go anywhere). We had carrots with ranch (in a super cute tiny Hello Kitty container), Goldfish crackers, cream cheese and red raspberry jelly sandwich bites cut into little circles, heart shaped sandwiches made with ham, cheese and instead of mayo I used cream cheese. I totally stole that from the bentolunch chick and it was awesome!! lol We also had some cheese shaped like Mickey Mouse and some string cheese. I think that was all. The kids liked it.

Aaron only has 1 more day left until he no longer works at Franford and the Tollroad!! Then he has 2 days off (dove hunting anyone?) and then he goes to his new store. He is so excited and so am I!!! I want those bonus checks!! lol

Our wedding anniversary is coming Friday I believe. September the 7th! It will be 6 years since we got married! It's so crazy how fast the time flies.

Well gotta go!!

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