Friday, August 31, 2007

the library sucks!

Ok normally I love the Lewisville library but today they suck!! The appeal to going here is that they have computers for adults with kids and kids computers loaded with games and no internet. So when we usually come I can get online and the girls can either play on the other computers or look at books. Well they have changed the rules and now only 9-12 year olds can use the internet computers. I asked the librarian why they changed it and she said that people would get on the computer and then let their kids run crazy. That sucks!! And my normally crazy hyper kids are actually wonderful to take to the library. They talk soft, don't run, they follow the rules!! Maybe they will lift the rules after awhile...they could just post for people to watch their dang kids (common sense people)!!!

So I woke up sick today with my throat all scratchy. Luckily the girl's school load was light so I didn't have to do much talking. Anthony's on the other hand was a bit more and he needed more help so I had to talk anyways. Oh well. The girls are doing school tomorrow too since we didn't start on Monday and their curriculum is 5 days.

Anthony will start learning about Ancient Egypt next week for history. I'm pretty excited about that, it's one of my favorite time period's. I need ideas on an arts and crafts project for him to do. If you have any, send them this way!! Maybe I'll just wrap him in toilet paper and call him a mummy! lol

Other than that, there isn't anything new going on. We are boring!! lol

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