Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday Five

Well I'm on time this week! lol And I put in an extra picture because it's hard to pick just 5 sometimes! The subject this week is Sara. I've done Emma and Anthony, now it's the little pumpkin's turn.

I always get the best goofy pictures from her because the child is strange. In a good way I think. She is the most like me out of the 3 in that way. Very unique. hehehe She is my shadow and follows me everywhere I go. She is my stalker!

Here she is 2 years ago when it snowed for one day. Her hands were cold.

This was taken when she was 3 and we were about to leave for church. In case you can't figure it out, she is a fish on a hook.

I call this pic, when Hitler meets Heidi, this is what their children would look like. ROFL

Little bitty Sara when she was born. I was trying to show that her head was only the size of my palm (it looks bigger in the pic). SHe was only 5 1/2 pounds whenb she was born, cute little thing.

She did this all on her own, I just took the pic. See what I was talking about earlier about strange. uh huh She's wearing her sisters undies in this one. lol

She is 2 years old here and not happy with me! I wanted to take her picture and she didn't want me too. She is just as stubborn as I am!

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Helen said...

She might not have wanted you to take her pic, but it's a good one!