Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Let me start off by saying that it's starting to become a total pain to load pictures on Blogger because they aren't showing up right. All of them can be clicked on to make it bigger, but for the most part you can see the pic good enough to not have to do that. errrrr

Here are our trick-or-treating pictures from last night. Emma and Sara were witches and Anthony was Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. We picked up his friend Billy and we met up with my friend Ashley at her mom's house in Keller to take the kid's around her neighborhood. It was awesome.

First the fire department had a fire engine going through the neighborhood passing out glow necklaces to the kid's. They have a community park and they had bounce houses, BBQ and drinks for the kid's and a hayride.

My favorite pic of the kid's from last night.

I'm loving this pic of Sara. You can see that she is wearing make-up, which the girl's were so excited about. It was definitely a treat because Aaron doesn't let them have play make-up.

My silly girl!! She will never need more than blush and a little mascara, she is so naturally beautiful! She is wearing lipstick though even though she doesn't need it.

The fire truck passing out the glow necklaces. The pics are a little out of order, but it's a pain to fix it when I have so many pics on here, but I'm sure you don't care.

My scary Jason Voorhees.

Anthony and his friend Billy. You have to click this one.

Ashley was more than happy to wear Emma's hat.

Ashley's brother Travis. What is funny is that when I took the pic she told him "she's totally going to blog that". lol

Luke as a tutle.

These tombstones were funny.... "husband nagged to death" and "mother pecked to death by the PTA"

This house was cool but my camera sucks so I couldn't get a good pic of the huge spiderweb.

Sara's picture was the only hayride picture that actually came in clear. I'm counting down the months (3) until I get a new camera.


All of the kid's at the end of the night. Actually there were a lot more kid's in our group, but this is what was left at 10 pm.

I made the girl's witch hats and I absolutely love them, so I'm sharing. This is Sara's and I made it yesterday before we headed out.

This is Emma's and I actually made this one last year. But I did spray it with gold glitter this year and it made it look so much better! Sara's has the glitter too. Next year I'm just gonna spray everything down with that stuff, it's awesome. lol

Here is a cute Smilebox album of some of the pictures above.

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Helen said...

Those hats are cool, good job!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Great costumes, my kids had only masks and glowing pedants but we were not letting them walk around in the night, it is too dangerous where we leave, 2 years ago someone poisoned kids with the sweets...
I made some nice cookies and sausages to reconpense them staying at home.

peata said...

great costumes.
making mini albums
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