Monday, November 10, 2008

Flashback Friday Five...yes I know it's Monday

Okay I have done horrible at the Flashback Friday Five stuff. I have been working through a lot of personal stuff and blogging hasn't really been at the top of my list. Plus we haven't been doing anything too exciting worth talking about. But here is 2 weeks worth of FFF. All Halloween themed.

Sara at the pumpkin patch last year.

Emma last year.

Anthony last year.

Emma - Halloween 2005

Field trip right before Halloween 2005. Look how freaking cute she is!!

I was a chaparone so of course Sara came with us. She was so little here!

Obviously Emma is a witch and Sara is a pumpkin.

Halloween last year. The girls were both kitty's.

Anthony was Zabuza from Naruto.

And here we all are together. Emma was supposed to be a witch so I made her the hat but then she changed her mind to a kitty so I wore the hat.


Shelly said...

Just because you bloged for friday doesn't mean you don't need to blog for the rest of the week!!! Blog NOW I need something to read!!!

Helen said...

So cute! I love the girls as cats!