Monday, November 3, 2008

New Hair Bows

Well I have been making hair bows like crazy lately and I finally took some pictures to post. I don't think I've really mentioned on this blog that I make hair bows but I do, mainly for my daughters but every now and then to make some cash. I have a totally separate bow blog at Brown Bag Bows.

So here are some bows and their prices. If anyone is interested in buying any of them, let me know by emailing me at

Cupcake Bow $6.00

Hot Pink Punk Bow $6.00-SOLD

Dallas Cowboy's Bow $7.00-SOLD

Dora Adventurer Bow $7.00

Sleeping Beauty Bow $8.00-SOLD

School Uniform Bow $5.00-SOLD

Strawberry Patch Bow $6.00-SOLD

Goofy Bow $8.00-SOLD

Lime Green Polka Dot $5.00

ABC 123 School Bow $6.00-SOLD

All-Star Bow $6.00

Zoo Animal Bow $5.00-SOLD

Giraffe & Teal Bow $5.00

Tinkerbell Bow -example only-not for sale, Emma claimed this one

Just Peachy Bow $6.00

Pastel Zoo Bow $6.00

Mini Longhorn Bow -this bow is little-$5.00


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Those are as cute as pie, girl! 'Course, I have NO use for any bows, therefore I have NO experience of them, but they look awesome to me! :-)

Great job! I'll bet you save a fortune not having to buy them for your girls, too. Right on!

Holly said...

I may have to buy the cupcake one off of ya!! My daughter's 2nd Birthday is coming up and she is going to wear a shirt with a cupcake on it!!!! :)

Holly said...

Do you still have my email address? If so email me! LOL!!

Rachel said...

Those are adorable!! I'm disappointed that the pink and black is sold :-(

They're fabulous! Great job! I'm dying to make bows.