Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July pics in Dallas-longest pic post ever!

I wanted really good 4th of July pictures of the kids so we took them to a couple of spots in Deep Ellum and Garland and the pictures turned out great! I will definitely do them in the same spots next year.

Sara all ready to go.

I love this pic! She looks so tan!

Deep Ellum. When we got there the kids were cranky and not really in the mood for pics. Especially since it was sooooo HOT!!!

They are all squinty because the sun was in their eyes...but it was unavoidable, it was bright no matter which way they faced.

I LOVE this pic!! This wall is exactly why we drove all the way down there. Awesome.

Could not get them all looking at the camera of course.

This is a really cool, totally un-posed pic. I had wanted them to sit on the step together but it was too hot so I told them to just look at me so I could take a pic.

Sara saying "I just want to go home". It was just really hot and I wanted a couple more pics of her without a hair bow on.

This is in Garland. They had a display of over 500 full sized flags. The kids loved it here. They were in much better picture taking moods. These are my fav pics, I think that I got some really good shots of the kids.

This is the car ride back home.

We were waiting for Ashley while she was in Walmart.

Emma posed for this and Sara didn't know I was taking a pic. She just happened to lean over and growl at Anthony right at that moment. lol

I have a couple more 4th of July pics that I will post later. When we went to see fireworks, I accidentally left my camera back at Kristen's so I have to wait for Carrie and Jennifer to send me the pics they took with their cameras.

I hope everyone else had a happy and safe 4th of July!!

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