Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma

Today is my baby Emma's 9th birthday!! I can't believe how quick she is growing up! Emma is a total daddy's girl and is just a super sweet girl. I couldn't ask for a better daughter and I am so proud that she is mine.

Here is Emma on the day she was born.

She is less than a week old in these pictures. See, a daddy's girl right from the start! She came out with beige hair that had blonde tips. It looked as if we had frosted her hair! lol She looked like a little birdie too!

She is about 2 months old here. That poor baby was not photogenic until she was over a year old.

Emma's first Christmas. Anthony was 4 here and he loved his baby sister. Now they fight like cats and dogs!

Here she is at 11 months. My sweet sweet baby.

Emma is 3 here. We had just cut her super long hair short (she was soooo mad at us) but it was such a cute look for her.

She is still 3 here, all dressed up for Bubba's football game.

Emma at 4 years old. This is when I started making hair bows for her to wear to Pre-K everyday.

Emma at 5. She dressed up as Cinderella because I took her to the ballet to see it. She was the prettiest little girl there.

And her Cinderella dress was also her Easter dress that year.

I believe that she is 7 here. She looked so beautiful dressed up for Christmas pictures.

This is Emma last year on her 8th birthday.

2nd grade.

And here is the birthday girl yesterday at her birthday party.

So Happy Birthday again to Emma. She is such a blessing and I am so happy to be her mommy!!


Lisa said...

Happy 9th birthday Emma!!

Lisa :)

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