Monday, July 20, 2009

Boredom Box

The girls have been spending too much time together this summer and it's starting to take a toll on them in the form of constant arguing! So I thought that if they had some activities to do they wouldn't be so bored and therefore would not fight.

So I went to Michael's craft store and hit up their $1 activities. A lot of them were on clearance for 50 cents.

They had been wanting an alien maker for awhile now and they had that on clearance too so I picked one up and told Emma it was an early birthday present. lol

Paint by numbers....that should be fun.

There are all kinds of activities for them!

These are for Anthony. Each pack comes with two planes.

These cute little dolls come with markers to color them and little stands to stand them up. Each girl got two and Emma chose her by checking out their shoes. She's all about the shoes! lol

Sara is in love with dinosaurs right now and she was so excited about get a "Saratops" (hehehe). Emma got a lion and a cheetah.

These are the cutest little ceramic animals. Each pack has two in it, plus paint, and they were on clearance for only 50 cents.

A couple of necklace sets. I went with a mermaid for both since we are taking a trip to the beach in just a couple of weeks.

These jumbo activity/coloring books were only $1 each.

These are way super cute. They are puzzles that you color and then can take apart and put back together.

Some bead kits to make jewelry. I always have tons of beads and the girls love to make their own bracelets and necklaces....and these were so cute because they had heart and flower beads in them.

I don't remember the name of these. You make the pattern and then use an iron to melt them together so the pattern stays. We've never played with them, so that should be fun.

Butterfly kits. The girls have glittery nylon butterflies above their bedroom window, so I thought this would go along great with them.

And here is everything in it's bin. The Martian Matter ended up in a smaller bin like this one.

Here they are doing a couple of crafts. Emma totally has her pj's on backwards. lol

Sara building her Saratops.

Emma making some aliens. She made me a bunch too so I could dissect them and let their insides ooze out! lol

Her finished dinosaurs. When I took the pic, I had no idea that she had her dinner all over her face!

I love this pic!! Except for the fact that they BOTH have their dinners all over their faces!!

So that is their "Boredom Box". I have a two craft a day limit so that way they don't do all of the activities at once. They actually got along really well and sat there playing for 2 hours before I finally made them go to bed, so it was worth the money so far!

Oh, and a funny story for you (that I probably shouldn't share, but I will forget and someday I really want to tell Sara that she said this)....

The girls were at the table eating dinner and Sara jumped up grabbed her plate and said "I'm going potty and my sgetti (spaghetti) is coming with me" Emma looked at her crazy and asked why and Sara said "because I'm hungry and I gotta go"!! LOL cracked me up!! Only my strange child would want to go to the bathroom while eating their dinner. (And no I didn't let her!)

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