Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 33rd birthday! Yay happy birthday to me!!

Here are some pictures of me throughout the years...

Here is a horrible scan of the pic taken of me when I was born. When I had Anthony they wheeled him into my room in his little plastic bassinet and he looked exactly like me here. I really wish I would have taken a pic of him like that, oh well.

Two years old (I think? My mother will tell me in comments)

I think I'm 3-4 here....see how I loved Mickey Mouse! lol I remember my mom made me a Mickey Mouse cake for my birthday one year and she used to always draw Mickey for me because I was obsessed!!

With my brother Jason riding the go-cart our dad built us. That thing used to terrify me!

Christmas at my Aunt Ruth's house with my parents and my brother. Judging by the decor, it was obviously still the 70's. lol

Skip waaaay ahead to me at 16. Man did I have a bad hair cut!!

So preppy at 17! I only wore my glasses for the picture too....they gave me headaches so I never wore them, and still don't, although I probably should.

My 18th birthday, holding my hockey cake. My two fav teams back then? Dallas Stars and the Vancouver Canucks!

My senior prom....and an attempt to grow out my hair. Didn't last long and I chopped it all off again!

This is my fav pic of me and Anthony. I am 20 here.

Here I am at 22 in Austin on my way out to a ska show. SOOOO much fun!

I am 23 here and pregnant with Emma.

This was taken the same day as the pic above.

Here I am at 24 with Anthony and Emma when we brought her home from the hospital.

Here is Aaron and I, both 25, on our honeymoon (this part of our honeymoon we were in Vegas)!

Here we are at Texas Stadium when Anthony's football team got to play here. I am 27 here.

At the Alamo with the kids. I am 29 here.

Me and Aaron in Seattle. I am 30 in this pic.

This is me and Aaron just last December so I am 32 here!

And this is me and Kristen 4th of I was still 32! lol


Fran said...

you were 18 months in the green outfit & 3 with Mickey Mouse & about 3.5 years old on the go cart

Fran said...

you were 1 in the green outfit
2 with Mickey Mouse
3 on the go cart
2 1/2 at Christmas