Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party

Sorry I'm so late posting this but I have been super busy this week getting ready to go on vacation! We actually leave in just a few hours to stay with friends in Houston and take the kids to the beach in Galveston. So definitely no blogging until next weekend!

So here are the pics from Emma and Ethan's joint birthday party last weekend.

Here is Emma's Spongebob cake that me and Nicole (my sis-in-law) stayed up until 2 am making! I think it turned out pretty good!

Birthday girl!

Emma loved all of the Spongebob games she got.

Pet vet is perfect for her, she loves animals!

A precious little puppy Webkinz.

She has been dying for these. I personally would not recommend them and would not buy them again. I learned my lesson!

This handmade card was my favorite! Thanks Jennifer and Carrie!! I love homemade stuff, that is what I am all about!! lol

It had glitter all inside.

Daddy picked her out a goat Webkinz.

The most perfect gift ever for Emma. Hannah Montana with her own horse!

I told Ethan to smile then realized that you can't even see it because he's a ninja! lol

My mom and grandma with me and the girls.

Three generations!

Aaron with my grandma.

The destruction afterwards!

It was a pretty good party. The kids got to have fun swimming and playing with all of the kids.

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