Monday, October 19, 2009

busy Saturday

Saturday was the last day of the Grapevine Farmers Market for this year and since I plan on having a booth there next season, I wanted to drop by and check it out. It was pretty small. And there was no fruits or vegetables.

But, no other vendors were selling the types of things I make so that is pretty cool! It'll be nice to have no competition! Well, at least this year there wouldn't have been!

There is a fountain in the center and Sara made 3 wishes.

It also happened to be the Butterfly Flutterby, so Sara and I dropped by that to check it out. They had vendors selling framed butterfly specimen's and she kept asking why they killed those butterflies. I told her they found them dead. What was I supposed to say?!

Aaron was still watching the Longhorns beat that Okie butt, so we stopped by a park to play.

After we got Daddy, we went out to dinner at Souper Salad in Southlake. Definitely the cleanest one I've ever been in. And they didn't have runny bleu cheese dressing. That's a plus.

Aaron had to stop by work for awhile so Sara collected acorns.

After that we went and picked up Emma and Anthony from my mom's and after they went to bed, Aaron and I went up to Life Time to play some raquetball. Neither of us really knew how to play and really I don't have the patience to learn, so we just hit it as hard as we could to make the other run after it.

Worked for me! lol We played for about an hour and boy did we work up a sweat! I was aching when I went to bed that night! Love it! It was so much fun. I tried to get Aaron to go last night but he just looked at me like I was crazy and then went to bed! lol

I love Life Time Fitness. It is so nice and perfect for families! A little pricey, but it's worth it. And it's open 24 hours so we can go in the middle of the night to run around acting like fools playing raquetball and there isn't anyone there to see us! lol

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