Friday, October 16, 2009

Kelly's Korner Show Us What You Make Showcase

This Friday's theme at Kelly's Korner is Show Us What You Make and I can't pass up an opportunity to showcase all of the things I make! You know I love attention! Plus it's right before the holidays so it's the perfect time!

First up, felt hair clippies. These are adorable!!

New for Christmas is crayon rolls. I can't decide between regular crayon rolls or the ones that you can stick a little pad of paper into. I will let you know when I decide! They will make perfect Christmas gifts!

Paper crowns. I love making these. They are whimsical and fun! And perfect for birthdays, special occasions, bridal showers or bachelorette parties, baby showers, or just any day just for fun!

Fabric and felt headbands. These are beautiful and I love them!

Scrabble tile necklaces. These are a lot of fun! I have slowed down on making them, but I will have more designs to choose from soon. Perfect for Christmas!!

Embellished tins. These make great gifts. When my friends have a birthday I make them a Scrabble tile necklace and slip it into one of these for them.

Mini note cards. These card sets are adorable. There are 4 in each set and come with one embellished binder clip. I will list some in my etsy shop soon.

Embellished binder clips.

Emma's cross shirt. I admit I put the crosses too low on this one, but the shirt came out so cute!

Halloween Boo Bags for trick-or-treating!

And I have been known to make a hair bow or two. These 2 are from last year. I really just make them for Sara now....I just wanted to show off a little! lol

And that's most of it. I only listed items (with the exception of the hair bows, and boo bags...too late) that I am actually wanting to sell.

Thanks for stopping by to look and check back or visit my etsy shop, The Bagby Bunch!!

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