Saturday, October 3, 2009

football football football

Anthony had another football game on Wednesday. I have no idea if they won. He is on the developmental team, B huddle, and he basically play against other teammates. Like a scrimmage. That is why you will notice he is either in white, maroon or black playing against the same colors.

This is what happens when 100 7th graders sign up for football. Next year it won't be as crowded because these boys aren't going to make the same mistake twice and sign up again! Anthony will though, he doesn't mind getting up at 6 or even 5 to go lift weights or head to practice. He loves football. Well playing it anyways!

For this game he is maroon number 50. You see the guy in white on the ground? Anthony is on the right of him.

Here he is crouched down. To find him I just looked for his grey shirt sticking out of the bottom of his jersey.


Blocking again (I think)?

Okay, you see the coach wearing the black hat and white shirt? Now look to his left and you will see Anthony tackling that kid and bringing him down!!

If Anthony gets his hands on a guy, the guy comes down every time! It exciting watching him play.

AND... his name was announced over the p.a. system at school as being one of the star standouts! Woohoo, go Anthony!!

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