Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Movie Night 10/2

I can't believe that it's almost Family Movie Night again and I haven't posted about last week's FMN!

I didn't take any pics of the kids this week. I have been really busy trying to get all of my order's out and now Sara is sick and running a fever. I am going to try and get her into the doctor today, hopefully it's not the flu (I think it is).

Back to FMN....we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. We've seen it before and it's a cute movie.

Next was The Witches. It has Angelica Huston in it and it was released in 1990, and it is so cheesy! The kids got a kick out of it though.

That is pretty much it. A big part of why I blog is to have an account of what goes on in our lives, so I want to make sure that even if a post is late, I get it on here to look back on someday.

I hate the posts where I try to catch up on everything because it's just a big reminder of how rushed we are sometimes. I much prefer to take it slow and enjoy life. But, with 3 busy kids, it's more on the go than kick back and relax!

Oh, one funny thing that happened this week that I can't get out of my head. Sara asked me where babies come from. Aaron replied "the snort brings them" LOL He meant stork! So funny, I keep teasing him about it!

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Katrina Marie said...

I used to watch the witches all the time as a kid.