Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water Fun and New Pets

It is so hot today!!

I do not love living in Texas during the summer with how hot it gets here! And the summer is just starting!

Emma found this little kitty out in the street so she brought it home. We went searching the neighborhood to see where it belonged but nobody claimed it and we couldn't find it's now it's part of our family.

No name yet, I will get back to you on that. But he is a sweet little thing and black and white, just like Caleb. We miss him so much, my puppy puppy.

And Sara has a new pet too. Her class this year had a fish and a tiny frog and the teacher pulled names out to see who they get to go home with. Sara wanted the fish. She got the frog. It just floats around and that's it. I like low maintenance pets. lol

That is our day so far. Tomorrow is the kids last day of school. I have lots of surprises planned for them so the day should be pretty fun. I will take lots of pictures!!

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