Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alaska Cruise Days 1-2

I am finally getting around to posting pics of our Alaskan Cruise! I had been dreading it because when I loaded the pictures, they ended up out of order and I just haven't had the time to re-organize them, then pick the ones I wanted to post, re-size them and then post. I went ahead and skipped the re-sizing step and so here we are....vacation pics!!

I only chose some of my favorite pictures. I took over 1,000 pictures on this vacation and it would be insane to try and post them all. I am hoping to have them all blogged by the end of this week.

A quick re-cap of what our trip was about...On May 8th, we flew to San Diego to get on the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship for a 13 Night Ultimate Alaskan Cruise. It was just me and Aaron for two whole weeks and it was an amazing vacation! We had so much fun, met so many great people and saw some of the most amazing sights a person could see!!

Here we are on the plane from Dallas to San Diego.

Soon before landing. I love how the ground looks like a big patchwork quilt!

The San Diego airport is right in the middle of the city, it is the craziest thing I've ever seen! We flew in between office buildings to land!

We spent a whole 10 minutes on the ground in San Diego before we took a taxi to the cruise ship. We wanted to get on board early to explore.

This is the Maritime Museum of San Diego. How cool is that?! I wish that we could have gone on it to check it out but I guess that just means we have to come back to San Diego again!

Exploring the ship.

Two nice ladies took this picture for us. They asked us if we were newlyweds and we told them no, that we have actually been married for over eight years. They said that we sure looked happy for being married that long. I told them that was because we were about to spend the next two weeks with no kids!! hahaha

They had an awesome buffet waiting for us when we boarded the ship. The food on the ship was really good. We eat breakfast and lunch at the buffet almost every day. From the 3rd night on we ate dinner in the dining room and loved it. The food, the company and the service. They really treat you good on a cruise!

Waiting to set sail.

Our bed in our cabin. We had an interior cabin. I really liked it. It was small but not too small. Next time I would like a balcony though.

And that was day one. On to day two...at sea. We did a lot of exploring on day two. You can tell by all of the pics of us standing next to stuff. lol

We went to the very front of the ship where the helicopter pad was. Man was it windy!! The weather was beautiful though.

Here I am trying not to get blown away.

Aaron told me to let down my hair so he could take a pic of how windy it was. He was nice enough to take my picture as I was trying to get hair out of my mouth. We could not stop laughing when we were up there.

Night two was the first of two formal nights on the cruise. This first night was the Captain's Reception, where you get to take a picture with the Captain. We chose not to attend....you will see why.

Because of this....

I took some of the most beautiful sunset on water pics ever that night!!!! It was so worth missing the party. It was just me and Aaron out on the deck watching the sunset together. I took over 50 pictures of just this...and every one was worth it. I'm sharing my fav's with you.

Afterwards we went back to our cabin to warm up. There was a channel on the tv that played a still cam of the front of the ship and Aaron being the dork he is, went down to the helicopter pad so I could take a picture of him on the tv. LOL Do you see him there?

Then we headed over to The Colony Club and I got to participate in the "finish that lyric" game show!

There I am with the host.

And guess what? I won! And here are all of my lovely prizes.

It was a pretty fun night. Day three we pulled into San Francisco and those pics are up next!

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