Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Flip Flops!

I love that summer is here! It's flip flop season!

Emma does not like to wear bows on her flip flops but Sara loves to dress up and have everything match. She is my girly girl and I love it!

I made us both a pair of flip flops this past weekend to wear to the pool.

These are my flip flops and I absolutely LOVE them!! The only other time I have worn bow flip flops was on St. Patrick's Day this year but I had an idea in my head that I wanted leopard and hot pink flip flops and the easiest thing to do is just make them myself!

Teal is my favorite color right now. It is perfect with hot pink, especially for summer! And bling is always good!

Sara's flip flops aren't as fancy as mine but I made them to match her swimsuits. Both suits have purple, orange and hot pink and her cover-up is orange, so these go great!! I love that she is into orange, it's one of my favorite colors!

Tonight Aaron and I watched The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. It was an alright movie. Worth watching but I wouldn't buy it or watch it again.

Anyways, while the movie was on I got out my ribbon boxes and started making bow sets to make Sara flip flops for summer. I ended up making 7 sets!! And that is just with the ribbon I had on hand!!

Earlier today I ordered myself a zebra print beach towel with my name embroidered in teal so I have to make a pair of flip flops to match that. Let's just call this the "Summer of the Flip Flops" LOL

I hope that everyone else is enjoying their summer so far. We are having a blast!!


amy said...

Those are adorble!! I can't tie a pretty bow to display so publicly. Definitely a skill I wish I had.

Cortni said...

It took me years to get them the way I like them. Lots and lots of learning!

Jenn said...

Heyy! Where can I find instructions to make bows like these or like you had at http://brownbagbows.blogspot.com/2008/01/exclusive-texas-longhorn-hair-bow.html

Please let me know! :) :)


Cortni said...

You can look on etsy or ebay for instructions. I've been making bows for over 5 years and it was a lot of trial and error to make them the way I wanted them. Good luck!