Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random weekend things

I have not been on the computer much the last few days so I haven't blogged much...although there hasn't been too much to blog anyways!

Friday night the kids had a sleepover with their friend Luke. He actually stayed Thursday and Friday nights. Here they are on Friday for Family Movie Night. We watched Alice in Wonderland. Good movie!

Here is Sara yesterday with Niko. The girls started VBS at a different church this week. They have gone to VBS at this church for the last 3 summers and they always enjoy going back. This week's theme is High Seas Expedition. I love the color of their shirts!

She gave the cat magic sleeping dust, can't you tell? lol

That is one comfy kitty!

Here is Niko last night attacking his pet puppy. The first five minutes that Niko is awake he is a super sweet, loving kitty. Same thing when it's his naptime and he curls up under your chin or on your shoulder to sleep. Any other time, he is in attack mode. Seriously, this cat LOVES to stalk and pounce.

He kept chasing Anthony last night and attacking him. We are really happy that we have him. We still miss Caleb though. The girls will get real quiet and then tell me that they are thinking about Caleb and wishes that he could come back. Me too. No other dog will have his personality and I will forever miss that.

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