Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alaskan Cruise Day 3 San Francisco

On day three of our Alaskan cruise we stopped for the day in my favorite city, San Francisco. I grew up not far from San Francisco and have visited the city so many times I couldn't even try to count.

The last time I was here was over eight years ago on our honeymoon.

Here is the Golden Gate Bridge as we pulled in at 6 am!


Our ship docked near the Bay Bridge.

China Town!

Coit Tower. I had never been here before and it was pretty neat.

The view from Coit Tower. Don't you love that San Fran cloud cover?

Lombard Street. We walked down Lombard Street on our honeymoon (broke my shoe on it) so we skipped it this time. Good thing too because it started pouring rain!

Creepy headless mannequin with skull in someone's window.

Pier 39 sea lions.

I really loved the vintage city buses. We rode one like this back to the ship.

Since the bus dropped us off about 4 blocks from the ship and it was pouring down rain, I'm really surprised our Coke bag made it back in such good shape. lol

Aaron said that I looked like a "pathetic drowned dog" and he had to take my picture. Nice.

As we left San Francisco the sun came out and it was beautiful. Of course. It was pretty cool though that the ship went right under the bridge.

After San Francisco we spent two days at sea before reaching Ketchikan, Alaska. I have to figure out where I stored the pictures from those two days at sea, but if I can't find them quick I will just keep moving on with our trip.

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