Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 10 Sitka

Sitka was our favorite town of all. We would love to live there except that it is so expensive! They told us that cruises don't usually stop there because you have to be tendered to shore and most new cruise ships are being built without their own tender boats.

The movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is set in Sitka but we found out that none of it was even filmed there. Too bad because it's a beautiful town.

It has it's own volcano!

Our ship, the Radiance of the Seas.

I thought this was a cool story.

We walked 1/2 mile to the Sitka National Historical Park.

Then we headed back over to the opposite side of town to watch a Native American dance.

These will keep you warm and cozy on those cold Alaskan nights! LOL

The old school house. Reminds me of the school I went to in 8th grade up in North Dakota!

This lighthouse is for sale for 1.5 million. Anyone wanna go in with me and buy it?

When we got back on the ship we were watching the bald eagles flying around and this one swooped down into the water and got a fish!

After leaving Sitka, when we were out to sea the next day we saw humpback whales just as we finished lunch on the back of the ship.

Next up is my favorite night of the cruise, formal/70's night!

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