Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 8 Skagway

Skagway was a great little town that we really loved. It has a population around 800. If it wasn't so small I would consider living here. The sidewalks are all wooden and I thought that was really charming.

Back in the days of the Yukon Gold Rush, they wouldn't let anyone head up into the mountains unless they could take one years worth of supplies with them.

We had lunch here and it was so good! We split a cheeseburger and I had an orange Fanta. I never knew how good orange Fanta was! lol

We managed to get a semi-private tour up into the Yukon in a SUV with 4 other people as opposed to a shuttle full of people. It was AWESOME!!!!!

This is a fault line. Apparently Alaska has tons of earthquakes every year! I never knew that before.

The only chance on the whole cruise to take a picture with a "Welcome to Alaska" sign.

The state bird, the Ptarmigan. I guess it's pretty rare to see them so we were lucky. They were trying to mate, so I guess that was a bonus. hehe

On the way up into the Yukon a bear crossed our path.

Dall goats on the mountain side.

The next few pics are what I like to call "how many different ways can we pose with the same sign to take a pic". LOL

This sweet girl was our tour guide.

On the way back down there was a bear eating on the side of the road! We stopped for about 10 minutes where I took about 100 pics of this. I will only share two with you!

Back in Skagway!

We stopped off at the Red Onion Saloon to have a drink. It used to be a brothel and you can take tours but we got there too late and missed the last tour of the day.

Our ship was behind this one but look at the view from the dock!

My favorite pic of us from the cruise.

This is the view as the ship left Skagway. I can't even describe how incredibly beautiful Alaska is. It's amazing!

Next stop, the Hubbard Glacier!

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